Jeron McCall

Atlanta, GA / Los Angeles, CA
Publisher, Writer
Literary Goals:
To successfully publish my books so that they can enlighten the masses.

About Me

I was raised in the ghetto in Los Angeles County, California, which provided me with many unique experiences. Throughout my childhood I endured being ridiculed for being studious and intelligent while being raised among people who did not value education. However, I did not succumb to their harassment. As I matured into my teenage years, I had to work hard to avoid becoming involved in the gangs, drugs, and criminal behavior that surrounded me, and which many of my peers were involved in. Some were imprisoned, while others were killed. But I continued to persevere and moved beyond that environment, and attended the University of Southern California.

While a student at the University of Southern California, I expanded my intellect, and nourished an interest in writing. In my earlier schooling, English teachers had taken a special interest in me, and became influential in my intellectual development. And in college my writing was strengthened. After graduating, I began writing a means of expressing myself.

Through my writing I will continue to express myself, and hope that it will enlighten others.

Additional Information

My first novel was The Corrupting of the Redeemer, which is available for sale on at . My second novel, The Making of a Gangster, is available at .

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