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Become a full time writer

About Me

Isabelle Esling has spent the last decade as a music journalist. She has interviewed some of the best talents in the music business, including Proof of D12. In 2012, Isabelle released her first book, EMINEM and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid in a Black Music World; instantly becoming a National Bestseller.

Very eclectic as a writer, the trilingual author has expressed about a wide range of subjects such as musical biographies, Parisian novels, self-development, love stories and spiritual testimonies.

Isabelle's encounter with Yeshua our Messiah in July 2014 would change and challenged her whole perspective about writing.
Her two last books were birthed under the loving supervision of our Lord. They are are a true, life-changing experience she is sharing with her readership.
The author's 9th opus is entitled " An Encounter with Yeshua". "An Encounter with Yeshua the Sequel" describes Isabelle's path into discipleship. Both books record very powerful experiences with our Lord and Savior.
Available on Amazon kindle and Lulu, in both e-book and paperback format, the non-fictional work depicts the author's amazing encounter with Yeshua

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I am striving to become a full time writer. Writing is my passion.

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