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Ottawa, ON
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Tell the good news about who we really are

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About Me

I was trained as a scientist but also learned a great deal about the spirituality part of Philosophy and Religions. I found out that I could learn by writing 'in the flow' and have documented my journey by writing and publishing a series of books that evolved as I grew in understanding. They are available on Amazon at and on my website at In my four decade working career I specialized in helping those with unsolved problems find the 'Right' questions and that is still a background for the content of my books. A total of over 12 years of my career was involved in space-related work, often in the manned-space category.

Additional Information

I come from a line of teachers and also offer speeches, training courses and occasional coaching about The Way to our Destiny as Love-focused human beings.
Note that all of my books are available as Paperback Books and also as Kindle eBooks except for the First one "On Life And Love And Why We Are Here." I have not found a way to make that into an eBook that does not blow up! LoL

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