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Named one of 30 women considered to be very influential in a positive way for the generation Y women by: Miss Millennia Magazine, Dee Dee M. Scott's motto is,
The Sky is not the limit; the limit is higher than the sky!
Dee Dee is a best-selling author, playwright, film producer and the CEO of, A DDMS ENTERTAINMENT. In 2008 she wrote her first book, My Husband's Woman, which became a bestseller. Based on the book, in, 2011, she released the stage play of the same name which toured and starred Reginald Ballard AKA "Bruhman" from the television show Martin. She successfully published several best-selling books, and the popular romance series, Sent From Heaven. In addition, Dee Dee is a certified life coach and fitness instructor. Her focus is motivating people to go after their dreams and live their life without fear. She teaches on healthy relationships, mental fitness and breaking toxic generational cycles. Dee Dee is also the CEO of, Sis Fashion, a clothing company that is all about sisterhood and uplifting women everywhere!
Dee Dee has been featured in many magazines. She was born in Florence, South Carolina, and now resides in Columbia, South Carolina with her children.

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