Esther L Gough

Literary Goals:
To work on my next children’s educational colourful book. I love the creative buzz from grappling with new ideas. Even in the middle of the night!

About Me

I am an author of children's books and a Book Excellence Award finalist for colourful educational book, Blue in the tooth, teeth hygiene with a colour therapy twist!
I have always written and loved storytelling and as a child always had a book in my bag to read.
My family background is creative, with my grandfather writing educational books and an Aunt running a book shop. I I I writing gives me inner peace of mind and tranquility and I love the creativity buzz- even in the middle of the night!
Being a trained colour therapist and having a medical background, I use the power of colour to attract and hold the attention span in my colourful, vibrant books.
READ,LAUGH&LEARN! is my motto.
Also great for learning difficulties.
Esther has a partner, a son, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

Additional Information

More to come later as the year progresses- Roll on 2018!
I wanted to self publish so that I could have a free run with my own creative thoughts and ideas. A traditional publishing house was interested in Auntie Bertie and the flying circus mouse! back in the 1990’s but I felt that my idea of Auntie Bertie as I remember her would be characteristicly altered to how they perceived her.
They weren’t interested in Blue in the Tooth as they said it’s another tooth book! Oddly enough Blue has won the Book excellence award finalist sticker!

My Books

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