Esmeralda Carvalho

Book Production, Creative Design, Publisher, Reader, Writer
Literary Goals:
To keep on writing and illustrating and sharing my imagination with others

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About Me

I enjoy drawing and writing as a pastime. My work has been published in many educational and health related pamphlets, booklets and brochures. "The Hat in THat" is the first book of a series with the same title. The series consists of play on words for children, involving rhymes, tongue twisters and short stories. The second book of the series is Catch the Cat, also available on Amazon.

My first publication was Lily's Magic Light - an environmental fantasy story for young readers.

I currently live in Tillsonburg, Ontario with my son and small dog.

Additional Information

As a result of learning how to self publish, I now assist other aspiring artists and authors to get published, simply, inexpensively and hassle free. I take no royalties, and assist in book editing, layout, cover design, and book promotion. I ensure all books get sold on the Amazon store, through print and ebook format. Visit my site for more information:

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