Elle Fran Williams

Literary Goals:
To entertain, and to keep my own brain in good shape!

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About Me

English by birth, Irish by cultural background and inclination. Three children; six grandchildren. Social Worker and political activist by profession and preference. People watcher, soft, but not daft! Seen a lot, learned a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot. Writer of fiction: ten books available via Amazon, with another in the pipeline, and awaiting proofreading, jiggling and smartening up!

Additional Information

Worked for Amnesty International in its embryonic days. As a professional social worker, worked with children, troubled teens, people with dementia, home carers both in the state sector and the charitable field. Latterly headed up a charity working with perfomers: singers, dancers, actors ... those with health problems, whether mental, physical or surgical, who were not 'star-liners' and ble to pay high prices for the services of expensive surgeons and health professionals. All grist to the mill of a writer with an interest in people, their motivation, and their peculiarities.

My Books

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