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About Me

Born in the picturesque city of Dehradun, in the beautiful Doon Valley, near the 'Queen of the Hills', Mussoorie, India, Deepak Menon is the son of an Indian Army officer who retired as a Brigadier. He owes much of his inclination towards reading and writing to his Aunt who was the Principal of a school, and his kind gentle and loving mother. He married an officer in the same bank he worked in. Both rose to the rank of Assistant General Managers and have two fine children - a son Samir completing a Multidisciplinary Phd. with a Fellowship from Stanford CA, and his daughter Serena, a senior Journalist in one of India's largest English Dailies. He finally resigned from his bank officers job in 2011 to follow his passion to write books across genres. Years ago, when dreams were alive, and there were songs and paeans of love and adventure on every lip as he puts it, Deepak sat beside his little children at bedtime and started telling them a bedtime story which grew into his award winning 'Tales of the Booga Dooga Land' followed by others

Additional Information

Deepak Menon's Award Winning books of Tales & Fables are about the delightful Hero of the Tales of the Booga Dooga Land, Pickwick the Pixie! His first book of Tales went on to receive 5 star reviews and became a winner in the 2013 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Contest. He followed this with two more books of the Tales of the Booga Dooga Land, which are well received internationally. He paused to write two volumes of well received Structured poetry including a volume of Classical Quatrains as a tribute to Omar Khayyam, which is originally written in English, yet managing to retain the ethos of Khayyam's Persian Poetry.LLater he went on to publish two more volumes of structured poetry - his poetry books are available on all international bookselling platforms like Amazon, Nook, B&N etc. After his Epic Sci Fi 'Skymerge', he published another Readers Favorite 5 Star interstellar Sci Fi epic 'SKYSPLITTER' followed by a third Sci Fi Thriller 'SPACEVASION' all three of which have started with 5 Star reviews from Readers Favorite and verified Amazon customers. He is currently working on writing a period novel about runaways in Bombay in 1971.

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