Dea Schofield

(That's a Secret.)
Washington DC area
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Literary Goals:
Finish third book in series and go on marketing blitz!

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About Me

I'm an author/writer/creative with an unconventional life and a punk attitude toward most things. That basically means don't tell me I can't do something or that something can only be done a certain way. I like outside-the-box thinking so that life can be enjoyed and explored fully. However, I also believe one must know the rules fairly well in order to break them, or ignore them, with style. I love Nature, History, Philosophy, Politics, Science, most Art Forms, Food, Travel, Language, etc, etc. My favorite literature is Classic old school, or Sci Fi, Supernatural/Occult, or Non-fiction. Though I live in Alexandria, Virginia, I've also lived in Germany, France, England, and Australia. I've traveled to most U.S. states as well as Mexico and much of Europe.

Additional Information

I am also a Plant and Animal Maven. I do this to pay the bills--but it's not much like work.

My Books

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