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Literary Goals:
I hope to use words well and in doing so inspire infinite imagination

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About Me

At nine years old I created my first comic, Baby Buckie, which followed the many adventures of a quick talking ladies man who sported a diaper and a black bow tie – the ideal attire for a 6 month old secrete agent. My readership of two (Mom and Dad) gave it rave reviews, and they encouraged me to continue bringing my daydreams to life. The years of Baby Buckie faded, but my love for stories burned on. My preteen years were spent immersed in words. From Gulliver’s Travels to The Genuine Works of Hippocrates, I read every book within reach. Having found my passion in words I soon began writing. Holding a deep interest in science, particularly in the aquatic sciences, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology and Chemistry. I also began a career as a freelance writer, but never lost my obsession with fiction. While many took notes in class, I found myself twisting the facts of science into stories. Thus, birthed my fascination with discredited science and my novel, Soft Inheritance.

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