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About Me

I was an educator before working in my first loves writing & art. These reflect my interest in the culture and history of America and my wife's homeland, the Philippines. The latter was once America's biggest and farthest colony. We lived in the Repúblika ng Pilipinás for several years during the Marcos era, where I taught in private schools on elementary, secondary, and college levels and coached college women's volleyball as well. I am married to a retired Filipina nurse and former hospital owner.

My academic specialties are literature and history, with an undergraduate degree from Mr. Jefferson's University, the University of Virginia. My career goal had been to be a poet and novelist from the time I graduated, but the latter was delayed by life and the need to learn enough to be able to comment on life through fiction. I am also an artist with many murals completed along with some other commissions and personal works. I illustrate my own literary works together with our daughter, Sonia J. Summers, who is a professional studio painter and sketch artist.

Though my stories contain mature themes and subject matter as well as realistic violence, they are devoid of blatant and gratuitous sexual and violent content. My novels and poetry tend to be set in historical periods, especially but not exclusively colonial and frontier periods.

My novels include the just finished five volume series, SUNNY OF THE OLD SOUTHWEST, in which the title character is a Navajo woman dealing with life in the world of the white dominated American frontier. There are many themes running through the series, but dominant among them is the strong marriage between Sunny and her white husband that allows her to face the scenario of being a minority and occasional pariah in her own native land.

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The books on my bookshelf below are a series called SUNNY OF THE OLD SOUTHWEST, and the are displayed with the first volume on the right and the last volume (To The End Of The World, vol.5) on the left. The title character, Sunny, is a Navajo represented by the image on the cover of the second book from the right, RIO DE LOS BRAZOS DE DIOS.

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