Jabulani Nzilane

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Literary Goals:
To be the rated amongst the best writers one day.

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About Me

Jabulani Nzilane is a South African author who is also a social commentator who focuses his energy on helping others realize their true potential. He regards himself as a Madibaist who is furthering the legacy of Nelson Madiba Mandela.

Additional Information

Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela was a father to his family, the nation and the global nation. He was an iconic leader and statesman who preached love, tolerance and universal upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden who often find it hard to survive from day to day. After his death, the principle of Ubuntu which was aimed at making the lives of the poor better was abandoned and everyone returned to their normal way of life. Madibaism is a new philosophy that takes over from where Ubuntu left off and tries to unite the global citizens in one common purpose as espoused by Nelson Mandela's teachings and work.

Nelson Mandela strove for a 'rainbow nation' however, Madibaism strives for a 'global rainbow nation' wherein all human beings will live in peace, harmony and love for one another. Madibaism is a new universalist and humanist philosophy aimed at breaking boundaries of wealth, race, tribalism, gender entrenchment, homophobia, xenophobia and other social ills. It is through Madibaism that all human beings will experience Heaven on earth.

As the world celebrates 100 years of Nelson Mandela through #BetheLegacy and Mandela Day, it would be better to venerate his name forever through a movement that seeks to change the world into a better place for all. Madibaism breaks the boundaries that have been established by religion, economical, social and political enclaves. It is through Madibaism that all people should experience the Utopia they have all longed for. This book is about a movement that will emancipate all humanity from hate, wealth inequality and all other negative aspects experienced by 98% of the world's population.