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About Me

Hello! My name is Akash Kumar Goel, and I am an entrepreneur at heart.
I started my online journey by Selling on Amazon and built a profitable mid-size business running on autopilot mode.
I am an enthusiast, and I keep trying new things on the internet to learn and make some money in my spare time.
Teaching what got me started in my journey and helping others get their head start in business and life is the most satisfying thing I currently am doing.
Currently, I do content writing, graphic designing, and basic SEO for my blog www.tarashme.com and share all the knowledge that I have gained by being the CEO (Chief Everything Officer) for my business.
So, come along, and let’s grow together!
I also publish my first book. please read and review it. https://getbook.at/ToDoListSecrets

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Blog: https://tarashme.com
E-Commerce Website: https://premlarshop.com

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