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About Me

I love to write and started out storytelling but after twenty years of writing for myself. I sought publication and acquired it. I usually write three for four books at a time. That is why some years you see no new books then all of a sudden there is new releases. My first series was a Dystonia series turned SiFi. I prefer to write science fiction (SiFi) but I write whatever stories come to mind. Right now I am writing a western and a modern day fiction book along with editing "Dangerous Rescue" "Dystopia book. Along with "Chronicles of the Marauder Book two called "Marauder Adrift" In between writing I read and review other's books. To keep myself real busy since I'm retired I also have two blogs one called "Lighting Chronicles" and the other "Lightning" I gave the blog URL's in the additional information tab.

Additional Information

You can find me on my blogs at http://booksbyagmoye.blogspot.com or at http://lightningbooksbyagmoye.wordpress.com. drop by a say hello.

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