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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


Hi there! My name is Corey Holst. I am an author in southern California. I currently have two published novels set in 12th century England, and am half way through writing book 3. I have spent 30 years working as an educator in Theatre, and am looking forward to retirement so that I can write more.


my name is Nel Ashley. I write paranormal romance mostly, but as a student of history and English literature I am hoping to break into the non-fiction market too. I've been writing since I was very young, but professionally since 2012. I've written two novels, Blackfeather and its sequel, Immortal and am currently writing my third, a vampire novel, entitled Persephone Reborn. I look forward to getting to know you all.


My name is Patrice Marotta I write under the name PC Marotta. I worked many years before this wonderful journey studying marine mammals and primates. As a doctor of veterinary sciences I loved animals since birth but and illness sidelined me so I fell back on my second concentration of creative writing and journalism. There were stories needed to be told and I was going to tell them. My first two books were cookbook memoirs that landed me at the gates of a cooking show on television but I turned that down! Yes, I know...it wasn't right I needed to do more. You start while their young the generations that are coming after us, that's how you make a difference and change the world. Teaming up with British illustrator Amy (A.L. Houghton) together we brought TWinkle and his gang of furry hilarious friends come to life for every child to love. Each book tells a story while teaches a lesson about life in this very difficult world we live in today. A wonderful journey that has taken me to television, talk radio, newspapers and magazines...we have no intention of ever stopping because great characters and stories live forever.


Hi, I'm Jay,
I'm the author of two novels, THE ARX: http://amazon.com/dp/B012P0CTXS, and ELDORADO: http://amazon.com/dp/B00C8WM2G8, and one novella, CHOPPER MUSIC: http://amazon.com/dp/B008WWBE4O. ELDORADO is a YA Action/Adventure with elements of Science Fiction. THE ARX is a detective story with elements of Science Fiction. I'm currently working on two new novels. Both are YA, and both are Science Fiction. I'm hoping to release both by the end of 2016.


hello. My name is Karen S.Bell. I am a self-published author of two novels, chick lit and romantic suspense. My first book Walking with Elephants was originally published by a small press that went out of business and I took over as publisher. It has won several awards. My second novel, Sunspots, received the IndePENdents.org seal of good writing. I'm nearly ready to send our queries on my third work. My website is www.karensbell.com.


Hello. I'm Charles W. Jones, and I write horror stories. I've published six books on Amazon (both mobi and paperback); Dreamwalker: The Second Plain, Circus Tarot, Page of Buckets, Hunger, Hydrangeas on the Lanai, and Home: A Novel. You can find my Amazon Author Page at http://www.amazon.com/Charles-W-Jones/e/B005K038PY with a listing of all my books. I work as a Business Analyst for a fortune 250 company in Colorado, USA.


Yo, Aaron Dennis, here. I'm a writer. Looking forward to uploading my books and joining in on discussions.


I'm Kyle M. Perkins, and I'm a fairly new author. I've finished my first series, Night Blade, and currently working on my 5th book. See more at www.amazon.com/Kyle-Perkins/e/B00H2QBAA4. While I'm still new to the game, I would like to learn from experienced authors and make better books that everyone would like to read.


Good afternoon. I am Ronald Joseph Kule, an internationally published author/biographer of several (non-fiction and fiction) books, some ghostwritten. My works have been traditionally published (Skyhorse Publi.) and indie-published (KuleBooks LLC) to five-star reviews. My interest crosses several genres, and there is a main thread within each of my stories: That we are all spiritual beings participating in an (human) existence that we create; that if we would act more like the gods that we are, and responsible for each other, we would create a more harmonious, peaceful, living world full of opportunity for everyone.


Hi. I'm Steve Snyder and am President of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association. My book is SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth. My website is http://SteveSnyderAuthor.com


Hello...my name is David Beshears. I'm a screenwriter and author of science fiction, fantasy and adventure. I have sixteen published literary titles, available in print, large print, ebook and audiobook format.

I live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. When not writing, I can usually be found on any of a dozen northwest mountains.

My Northwest Mountain Trails website (http://www.northwestmountaintrails.com) offers detailed descriptions of many of my hiking trails. What's really cool is that each hike's page includes ten to twelve pictures of each trail, presented in a slideshow alongside the description.


My name is Bob Sparkman and I am the author of the debut novel Prisoner Protocol Pawn. My book was written primarily during my train commute to and from work. It's amazing how creative one can be at 5:30 in the morning. The hot air balloon scene in my book won a best scene award. See the following link: www.tinyurl.com/pezkvhp
My book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as other outlets.
Amazon - www.tinyurl.com/p45zdvm
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


Good evening! My name is Alicia Wright, writing under A L Wright. I have three books self-published so far, and have umpteen more waiting in the wings for me to pull them out, dust them off, and have at 'em. I love to play with designs and have created some of my own covers, and a few covers for other authors. My 3 books are Blood Price, Blood Ties and Hartman House, all pubbed last year in 2015. I am slacking this year on getting books ready but to be fair, two of the books I put out last year were a couple of years in the making. All of my books so far are fantasy/paranormal with a love story inside. I hope to have one out this year that will be a different genre, a fun spy novel with a twist.
Happy to meet you all!


Good morning. My name is Adam Mann and for many years I was an expert in sustainable development, and I worked in remote areas on many countries in Africa and then Asia. I wrote my first historical novel in 1996, and then got entangled with a vanity publisher, but managed to escape with my copyright intact. My first published novel was with Blushing Books, which will be the first book I list in my profile. Nearly all of my books are based in areas I have lived and worked in, so locations in Africa and Asia are my favourites. I enjoy most writing my romance novellas, but without details of the nitty-gritty I think they would all fall a bit flat, and as a result all my editors re-classify the genre as erotic - well most of them.


Hi Everyone!, I'm Lisa Kramer, author of P.O.W.ER and some short stories in anthologies. I'm excited to be here and to delve into this community.


Hello Everybody, I'm Betty Wilson but I write under the name of BL Wilson. My publishing company is Patchwork Blues Press. I have written a number of books...romance, mystery, adventure novels with African American lesbians as main characters. I looking forward to taking part in all this site has to offer and as well joining this community of writers.


Glad to be a part of this community!
I look forward to learning and sharing more...


My name is Keith Rommel and I am a multi award winning author of ten novels and have won an award for best screenplay of the year adapted from my second novel "The Lurking Man". My writing has been called, "Horror for the curious mind." My first two novels, The Cursed Man and The Lurking Man are at various stages of production, nearing release for 2016 and I co wrote both screenplays.

People involved in the projects are on the shows Game of Thrones, Supernatural & Harry Potter. Not bad company. :)


Hello everyone!! I'm so glad to have found The Literary Net and hope to get to meet many new people in the writing biz. I'm an author, writer, just finding my way. I self-published one novel so far, The Dead Dance Faster - Unsacred Awakening. If you're interested in checking it out, you can find it on Amazon, bit.ly/TDDFkindle -- will be on sale starting tomorrow. You can also check out my websites at www.julieannhacker.com and www.depressiondimension.com .


Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

I practiced internal medicine and nephrology (diseases of the kidney) in Berkeley, California for twenty-three years and served as chief of the department of medicine and family practice.
In 1995, I retired and set sail with my wife Dorlis and Furina, the cat. We cruised Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Canada, and then cruised the US and Canada in a Nordic Tug.
I have twelve published novels and one non-fiction book, I Love My Doctor, But… We are back on land beautiful Grass Valley, California.

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