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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


I'm looking forward to whatever turns up on The Literary Net. I've published both nonfiction and fiction books. The nonfiction books were all in United States history and had varied subjects: late nineteenth-century political reformers (a.k.a. Mugwumps), four generations of a family swept along in westward migration, a famous true-crime story (the Boorn-Colvin mystery) in early 19th-century Vermont, and Greenwich Village as it became America's Bohemia. My three novels, the Buenaventura Series Trilogy, are all set in 18th-century Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kirkus Reviews said their account of the adventures of a Spanish brujo named Carlos Buenaventura fit into an unusual genre: mystical-historical.


Hello there! I wanted to post an introduction to myself on this board. I have relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis (diagnosed in 1994) and Fibromyalgia (2010). I am the daily news editor for the MSnewsChannel (MSNC) and I am a published author )It's Not as Bad as it Sounds (my life with MS & Fibro)). I look forward to interacting with other authors!


My name is David Andrew Crawford and I am the author of 2 novels. My first novel Dark Solus An Assassin's Tale was published in 2011 and has won 3 awards in the fantasy genre. My second novel Demon Raider The Death Stalker was released July 2015. I am looking forward to joining The Literary Net.


Great to be here. I'm Devorah Fox, fiction and nonfiction author and publisher. Find my fiction books at http://www.amazon.com/Devorah-Fox/e/B006L9BJAO, my nonfiction books at http://www.amazon.com/Mike-Byrnes-and-Associates./e/B00R55HBS2. Keep up with us at http://devorahfox.com, http://cdlbookblog.com, @devorah_fox and @redwritertx.


Hello, I am Ashley Howland, a teacher who writes children's novels. I love working with children to develop their reading and writing skills. I share my books to encourage children to write. I love to write adventure stories that appeal to all ages. All my books can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Ashley-Howland/e/B00BQA4XRO/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1
I also have a blog where I love to interview and review other author's children's stories. I look forward to connecting wit more writers here!


I’m Stephen B. Pearl, and I write speculative fiction which is just another way of saying if it is a little bit weird I probably write it. SF, Fantasy, Modern Fantasy and all the sub-genres. If you want to get to know me check out my website at: www.stephenpearl.com . I also blog when I find the time at http://stephenpearl.blogspot.ca (I hope that works). I’ll probably mirror my blogs on this site as well. Off the writing clock I teach the Mad Science program to grade school kids, yes I am a mad scientist, really. I also study Pagan metaphysics and ancient cultures. So hi to all and to all a good read.


HI! I am Lisa Orban and I just published my first book It'll Feel Better when it Quits Hurting as an Indie Author. My book is available on Amazon at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0160LJXNC I have so far received several excellent reviews and hope that that trend continues.


Rodney, qwayrod joining the Lit Net. Greetings. I am an extreme adventurer so this could be a good meeting; otherwise under a full moon on the slope of a desert dune.


Hello. I'm Olea Nel, a Christian author from Canberra, Australia. I'm currently exploring the life and works of Andrew Murray (1828-1917) the famous preacher and author of over 100 major devotional works still avidly read today.
Besides blogging on his works on my website at: http://www.onandrewmurray.com
I'm also writing a trilogy on his life. The first novel is titled: ANDREW MURRAY DESTINED TO SERVE, the second is ANDREW MURRAY DESTINED TO WIN. They are available from Amazon at this link: http://amzn.to/1OOLNkD
I have also published two little-known works by him:
I look forward to meeting other authors on this site.


Greeting. I'm Martin Roy Hill, an author of mysteries and thrillers. I invite you to learn more about my work by visiting my website at www.martinroyhill.com. Cheers!


Hello. My name is Mary J. Williams and I write sexy emotional contemporary romances. You can find my books, including my Harper Falls series, on my Amazon author page. http://www.amazon.com/Mary-J.-Williams/e/B00V041ET6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1. And visit me on my website. http://www.maryjwilliams.net/home.html


I'm Dave Riese, author of Echo from Mount Royal, a novel about an unusual courtship in the Montreal of 1951.


Hi all! I'm K.C. Finn, author of young adult, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, apocalyptic and all sorts of other genre fiction. You can check out my work at Amazon here http://www.amazon.com/K-C-Finn/e/B00DT76UEQ/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
Looking forward to networking with everyone!


Hello all,

My name is Dr Gareth Worthington. I have published my trilogy, Children of the Fifth Sun, under my own imprint called Agrestic Publishing. I am now represented by Gandolfo Helin Fountain in New York and am writing a dystopian thriller with co-author Stu Jones. You can check me out at: garethworthington.com


Hi, my name is Michea Bonilla, though I used to be known as Megan Earley. I am an avid reader as well as someone who is working on breaking their way into the literary field.

I have published two books of my own, "Memory of Prophecy" and "Memory's Darkness" and am currently working on a few titles that I hope one day will find their way onto the bookshelves at many different bookstores.


Hey, Jean Holloway here, wife, mom of 6, Gramma of 11 and Great-Gramma of 3. Author of the Deck of Cardz series; 4 kinky thrillers (Ace of Hearts, Black Jack, Deuces Wild & Full House, 4 kinky thrillers & 3 anthology short stories. You'll find me on amazon, BN, Kindle, kobo & Nook. http://goo.gl/09NNSU


I am the former Innkeeper of an award-winning Bed & Breakfast on Oregon's gorgeous coast...so what am I doing here? Well, I got hit by a truck. While healing from disabling injuries that would require twelve spine surgeries (and counting...), I decided to write a story about a haunting photograph I had found in the attic during restoration of the Inn. After I finished writing the story, I put it on a shelf, where (I believed) books written by authors with zero experience and/or education in creative writing should go.

Fifteen years passed, and I was shamed by a popular television host into dusting off the manuscript, giving it a cursory edit, and submitting it to book publishers. I looked up who the top ten publishers were, at the time, and noted one of them was a Christian company (not sure how really "Christian" they are, sadly). I sent my manuscript to that one. Three days later, the publisher sent a royalty contract.

I have since written and traditionally-published two more books, and I am pleased to say all three are award-winning novels in western historical fiction adventure. My current WIP is the sequel to "Grog Wars", a Literary Classics silver medal winner, and it is almost finished. Whoo-hoo!


Hi, I'm Kathy Fischer-Brown, living in Central CT, USA. A former actor, theater arts teacher, mother of two, grandmother of one, cohabitator with two wonderful pups and author of a number of books available in ebook and paperback formats. I write mostly historical fiction, but my latest release (with Books We Love, Ltd., a Canadian publisher) is a sort of epic fantasy adventure. You can read more at my website: http://www.kfischer-brown.com


Hello! I'm Stephen J. Smith, an award-winning screenwriter and first-time novelist. I studied Creative Writing at the University of Wisconsin and worked as editorial assistant for Tor/Forge Books while there. As soon as I graduated, I headed out to Los Angeles and studied Screenwriting at UCLA. I'm currently repped for screenwriting with a number of feature and TV projects in the works, and when I can make the time, I'm working on my second novel. This past May, I self-published my first novel, a religious fantasy epic titled "The Sabrael Confession," available on Amazon at http://amzn.com/1508974527. If you like Anne Rice's vampires, Frank Peretti's angels, or action-packed, sprawling battles across various eras of history, it's for you, trust me. Looking forward to making some connections and getting support in furthering my fiction writing. I'm mainly a genre reader but do enjoy a good historical fiction or mainstream fiction book as well. You can find me on Twitter at @TheWriteSJSmith, FB at www.facebook.com/stephenjsmithauthor, and my website www.stephen-j-smith.com.


Hi, I'm Dana Mason, author of the romantic suspense Embrace Series. The Embrace Series about a group of friends from Northern California who learn the hard way that second chances don't come easy, but love is worth the risk.
Check out my website at: http://danamasonromance.com/

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