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Shameless Self-Promotion!
by Webmaster

If you have a book that you want to brag about, a promotion that you've started, or something you want to share to generate interest in your writing or literary business, you can do that here.

Have no fear, and promote yourself here!


I am so proud that my latest book, The Man Inside Me won the 2018 award for best LGBT Book! This was an absolute thrill for me, not to mention one heck of an honour! So I would like to share with you the blurb for this award winning book. Wow, just saying that gives me goosebumps!

Victorian London is a difficult place to be when you are gay, as Henry and Gabriel know all too well.

When they were young at Oxford University, Henry and Gabriel’s love burned hot and bright, and they thought to change the world together until a devastating tragedy ripped them apart.

Now, as youth fades away, Henry can no longer stand to see his own reflection in the mirror. All he sees is a sad, tired old man whose body has betrayed him. He craves the touch of another, to feel attractive and vital once more but his obsession with finding a cure for insanity has stolen his life away, and now his work has taken on a dark and sinister dimension. How far will he go to recapture the passion of his lost youth?

Gabriel fears that Henry is losing his mind, and when a brutal killer invades their lives, they are thrust into the dark depths of Victorian London in a fight for their very lives.

As their friendship is tested to its limits, Gabriel cannot help but wonder if there is still a chance for love. Can they move beyond the friendship that has spanned over thirty years and find the love that once made their hearts beat as one?

You may never be too old to find love, but will you be able to survive it?

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