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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


Hi from London, everybody.
My name is Philip Cox. I am a former Bank Manager and I now have nine books published through Amazon (paperback through CreateSpace). My latest, 'The Angel', (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BR2YQGG) came out in July. My website is www.philipcox.moonfruit.com.


Hi everyone,
Nice to meet you all. I"m an Author/Director/Producer from the USA. I currently have over a dozen titles published with different publishers but mostly with Nook and Create Space as a self published author. Most of my titles are also available as Audio Books or will be by the end of July, 2018. One of my goals has always been to help change the world, hence the quotes you can find on sites around the world from me but my favorite of them all is "The Ripples we make today turn into the Waves of tomorrow."

That quote is in reference to all the good behaviors we can display in our lives to assist others which turns into the waves of positive change in the future...

I pride myself on finding methods of encoding my novels which accomplish what I call triggering hidden locks of the individual in an effort to assist others. I understand that must sound rather strange to many but it is because of the many extra-ordinary experiences of my life which allows me to understand the methods of accomplishing. Also I have written one book in particular which assists to empower individuals to find their potential. It is all hidden well beneath the surface in this holographic reality. Hidden in the place where most do not have the senses to pursue.

I have provided a story which allows extra-ordinary experiences to the one reading it. It is titled "The Seventh Sense".



Aloha, all.
I'm an author/publisher in California. I published my first book, a historical novel about old Hawaii (the novel about Hawaii James Michener never wrote), in Dec. 2016. I'm presently working on a sequel that I hope to bring out by the end of 2019 or the first quarter of 2020.

Prior to turning author, I wrote for a living, successively, as a congressional press aide, weekly and daily newspaper reporter and copy editor in Central California, political speechwriter in Washington, D.C., corporate speechwriter in Southern California, audit proposal writer in San Francisco, and marketing-communications writer in Silicon Valley. Throughout this time, I always wanted to write a novel, but had no idea how to begin, continue, or finish one. I turned to writing historical fiction because it's my favorite genre, and frankly, because I just couldn't make stuff up.


Hi all. I am Achieng Ogolla from Kenya. A new author with two poetry books and a self-help book. I recently started publishing and hope to continue doing so and share my love of writing with others. My books are available on Amazon.


Hello my name is Terence J Goodchild i was born in the UK in Manchester in the north of England in a place called Higher Blackley. Went to Moss house Secondary school, my first job was a cobbler for a company called Timpson’s but soon got sick of that, and then a friend told me about his uncle's company that worked in Construction so I joined, it was great the travel to all parts of the UK and meeting loads of people from different walks of life, then after ten years I had a bad accident and fell 85 feet off a building, nearly dying and being off work for two years I decided to change careers. I was always interested in cars, so started to work at a Ford dealership Called Oldham, Motor company in a place named Oldham in Lancashire, where I worked for 16 years. I went to Australia in 1981 for a holiday and decided this was the place to be. In 1983 I then opened my own business refurbishing vintage cars and boats. Then migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1988 where I worked for Lada, Mercedes Benz, Kenworth trucks and then to the Italian company Iveco where I stayed for ten years and then came to Tasmania where I now live with my wife on a farm with our horses, and a dog. I have written 17 novels of fiction, I love telling a story and hope the people who read them get pleasure out of what I write, some are based on true people I have known throughout my life and the many countries I have travelled to,the names have been changed of course, and a few truths added for spice, my 10 books are for sale on Amazon under Terence J Goodchild, my web page is tezmannovels.weebly.com


Introductions are in order. I'm C. Robert Cales a.k.a. ScaryBob and I create paranormal thrillers.

Devil Glass: A beautiful archaeologist is about to discover an ancient artifact with a horrible secret. Some things should stay buried.

The Bookseller: A rare book dealer's Boston bookstore becomes the focal point of a struggle between good people and a violent South American drug cartel with a new, high-tech process for infusing liquid cocaine into the pages of books.

Reincarnology: Their four-hundred year old secret has fallen into the hands of a journalist. They will stop at nothing to silence him. Their fail-safe: the planned extinction of humanity.

At the moment of my birth there was a malfunction at the cosmic brain wiring and programming station. As a result all of my strengths were downloaded to my imagination file.

When I begin a story I establish the central premise and then I'm done. I'm not allowed to do anything else. My imagination creates the story (beyond my conscious awareness) and then meters it out to me in the form of short movie clips.

I can get it wrong, take a misstep in the writing that threatens its master plan. When it happens I'm hit by persistent writer's block. No more movie clips. I've learned to look for the problem and fix it. When it's fixed the movie theater doors are unchained, the popcorn machine is fired up, I'm escorted to my private seat; and the show begins.




Hi, I'm Odessa Gillespie Black. I'd love to meet more readers and authors who have been successful self-publishing. I have eight books under my belt. Four were published with a publisher. The last four I self-published because I loved the freedom of doing it all myself, since that's essentially what I was doing with the publisher taking part of my profit.


Hi all. My name is Cate Mckoy. I have been traditionally published but am currently, fully indie published. My experience with the publishing house was not a fond one. I negotiated a termination of my 5 year contract in 2017 and re-released my first book as an indie title. I have always love to read and write. I started writing as a kid but didn't decided to do anything serious with it until I was in my early twenties. I received some rejections from major publishing houses. Some were willing to work with me if I was willing to changed the ending of my novel to one more suitable for them. However, being twenty-something I was filled with pride and refuse to make the changes. I was side-tracked by life for the next twenty years with kids, family, work. I didn't return to writing until over 20 years later. I became a traditionally published author in 2013 at the age of 46. I am now 51. I have written a trilogy and a spin-off series which has two books so far. I am also a screenwriter. I've written several screenplays and have done spec scripts for tv writing contests. I also have a published children's book which is part of the Learn With Me Series.


Hi, I am Steve Ellis and have just returned to live in the UK after 13 years travelling abroad teaching English as a foreign language and training local teachers, most recently in Malaysian Borneo and Thailand.
I have published six illustrated children's stories on Amazon, in Kindle and paperback versions.
My website is:
Looking forward to getting to know people.
Best wishes,


Hi all, I am Lew McIntyre from La Plata, MD. After a career in Naval Aviation, then as a contractor for the Navy, I am now starting a third career as an author.

I published my first, a novella of 47 pages, in 2016, just to see what the pitfalls of self-publishing might be, via CreateSpace and Kindle. That story recounts that first Easter weekend from the point of view of that most reluctant executioner, Pontius Pilate. That was not too painful, so I published my first full-length historical fiction, a work of 550 pages, three months later via that same route. That story recounts Rome's first mission to China, and like most first missions, things did not go as planned! That one has done very well, and received two awards so far. I am about 1/3 of the way through the sequel, dealing with the same characters ten years on, drawn into the maelstrom of the Roman invasion of Mesopotamia in 115AD. I have a penchant for very long books with many complex threads!

I have a non-fiction work dealing with my Naval Aviation community which is complete, being prepared for traditional publication, hopefully through the US Naval Institute Press.

I enjoy writing about the world of the second century, as it was surprisingly far more globalized than people realize.

I look forward to meeting you all! my website is www.lewis-mcintyre.com, and my facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/LewisMcIntyreAuthor/

Best wishes,

Lew McIntyre


I'm Geoff Waugh from Brisbane, Australia. I am the founding editor of the Renewal Journal - www.renewaljournal.com and https://renewaljournal.blog/ - which originally published 20 journals and now is a website of blogs and books I write and publish. I am most interested in renewal and revival in ministry and mission.

I taught in schools and colleges in Papua New Guinea and in Brisbane, enjoy travel and have taught short-term in schools and churches in Africa, Europe, Asia, South East Asia and the South Pacific. I completed D.Miss. (Missiology - Mission) at Fuller Theological Seminary in America. Our family includes three adult children and eight grandchildren who have all helped in schools and orphanages overseas.


Hi everybody. I've been writing as a hobby for several years and I've published a couple of books on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/search/ref=dbs_P_W_auth?_encoding=UTF8&author=Jacob Derin&searchAlias=digital-text

I'm always learning more about this world and I hope this community will give me the opportunity to continue that work.


I'm italian and living in Spain. I published about 20 novels and a collection of short stories. Some of my books have been translated into spanish, french and german, and I also have a rather long story (Holbox, spies at dusk) in english.


Hello Everyone! After spending 50 years dreaming about writing, I have finally decided it's time to wake up and follow that dream. My first children's book, Birthday Balloons for Grandpa has been published this week, and I am currently working on 2 new projects. I use the pen name KatieMae in the literary world.

I am a former bank officer of 14 years but left the banking world to write. I am a retired Navy wife, mom of four and grandma of seven. My husband and I have been married for 38 years and are looking forward to retirement in a few years.

I'm excited to be part of this community and learn all I can about the writing world.

My author website is: http://www.katiemae.online/


I'm not sure if I introduced myself yet even though I have been here awhile. In case I haven't, I am an author of two novels--Revenance and Toxicosis, as well as a novella, Vigil and Other Writings. Currently I am working on a nonfiction book of essays, Consorting with the Shadow: Phantasms and the Dark Side of Female Consciousness. I look forward to interacting with other writers on this site.


Hi Everyone,

I am Dominik Marcel Kirtaime. A British veteran living in Germany. I am a Fantasy/Sci-Fi indie author. I appreciate the invite received to join the Literary Net and am honoured to be a member.

My written work is "The Perennial Migration":


Hello :) I'm Mary Roe. I'm the author of children's and middle grade books. My nationality is Slovak, so my books will be translated into English.
In this time, I have translated one book - How Batly the bat became an Air Traffic Controller. I have also Tax year diary for small businesses.


Hello :-) good to meet all of you. I'm Tangina Ann I was a CNA until I was in a couple of accidents with in 30 days of each other (Not my fault). Moved to Florida to be close to family, worked in a couple factories until I started a small Goat ranch from 2006 to early 2014. Mid 2012 I came down with plantar Fascitis in both feet, for which I decided to do what I have always wanted to do and that is to write a book. I actually started writing years before this happened but this gave me the insensitive to finally write and publish my first book in 2013 it was published and that is what I have been doing ever since. Things have happened in the last couple of years that I would have never thought could have happened. It's been a dream come true.


Hello everyone, I'm Joan and I have been writing most of my life. After getting an MS in Technical Writing I spent many years as the chief technical writer for a large bi-state agency in New York. I left them and authored three non-fiction books and on contemporary romance entitled Secret Desires using my pen name of JL Regen. I am currently working on several other projects. You find out what I am up to by visiting: joansbookshelf.com


Hi, I’m Graham Keeler from Bolton in the UK.

I was a lecturer in Physics at Salford University from 1970, developing an interest in the computational side of the subject. I retired from full-time teaching in 2002, but continued to work part-time at the University until 2012.

While working I wrote, co-authored and edited seven books on various aspects of microcomputers and the development of physics software simulations. But since retiring I turned to my fiction interest of science fiction and wrote “Stowaway to the Stars”.

I have always disliked stories where the protagonists display amazing talents, survive massive physical punishment or get out of impossible situations, so, apart from accepted science fiction extensions to known laws of nature like hyperspace travel, I have tried to keep everything completely realistic, with the protagonists facing believable situations and keeping in the main to the known laws of physics, yet writing a story with plenty of action in the plot.

At the end of the day, my main aim has been to write a story that engages and entertains readers and to have it read as widely as possible.

My website is www.grahamkeeler.co.uk, where there are many extras to the published novel.

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