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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


Hello everyone! I am selling a book like everyone else. My book is called Power From Within: Vol 1 - Birth Of A Utopia. This is my first book. Here are some links to it https://www.amazon.com/dp/1973436558 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1973436558 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B077VLJ7K6


Hello, everyone! I'm so glad to be here. I'm a multi-genre author. I have a Western Historical Romance series out: The Chance City Series. I also write Native American Romance: The Paha Sapa Saga. I have a shape shifter Christmas story out as part of a boxed set, and one paranormal romance book that's included in a multi-author series. You can find all of my books here: http://bit.ly/RDAuthor. Find me on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/robin.deeter.3. I also have an exclusive reader group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DeeterDivas/. I'm looking forward to making a lot of friends and finding new authors to read myself!


As a writer of contemporary novels and science fiction early in my writing career, I have a keen interest in the art of writing and helping emerging authors in reviewing, editing and publishing their books.


I am a science fiction writer with eight collections of short stories and two novellas (all on Amazon). I have been a regular contributor to the Antipodean SF, Beam Me Up Pod Cast, and Farther Stars Than These sites. I have also been published on 365 Tomorrows, Bewildering Stories, the WiFiles and the former Golden Visions magazine.
I’m current about half way through a new collection of science fiction short stories.


Hello, everyone. I am new here. Writer of fiction, true crime, and stage plays. Whether I am writing for my blog www.writeratplay.com or creatively writing, my day, every day, is filled with writing and reading. I am looking forward to comments and reactions to my posts and interviews.


Hello everyone. I am new to the group. Here is my bio as shown on Amazon.Jeff Fuell was born in Dallas, TX and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is an author and an actor with membership in the Screen Actors Guild/America Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). He has kept busy throughout the years involved with numerous theatrical productions, commercials, print work, independent films and industrial films. Besides writing and drama, his interests also include music, fitness, and, of course, reading and collecting books. His books include The Perfect Woman, Across Time, Earth Angel, WAR - Horseman of the Apocalypse (Love Blooms Eternal), Beethoven's Immortal, The Goatman, Transference, TITAN: From Earth's Past A Hero Rises - Adventures of an Olympian (first book in a series), IMMACULATE: The Second Coming Of The Christ, The Empath, the Warrior and the Wind Rider, New Avalon: The Return of King Arthur and Reality And Other Horrors (A Collection Of Strange Tales). His writing spans genres such as science-fiction, time travel, adventure, romance, humor, theology, paranormal and young adult/coming of age. Two of his previously published works are the short story "Birds," published in The Armchair Aesthete Issue 7, and the poem "A Dark Place," published in the collection The Colors of Life.


Hi. I'm a retired nurse who writes Medical Thrillers and a Detective Series. I often use some of my own experiences in the medical field along with some wicked fiction in my books.


I am new to the group but not to writing. After a too-long career in financial management, and even longer as a hopeful writer, I saw my first book published in Dec. 2015, a historical novel, book 1 of a trilogy no less. Now, the second book is due for release on Feb. 2, with the final book in the series to follow. A futuristic thriller has also been acquired by the same publisher and will be released late this year. So I am pretty pleased.


Peace and how is everybody? I am Mallah-Divine Mallah a self-published author and writer. I am enjoying the experience of sharing my passion with the world.



We are a husband and wife writing team. We write children's books for television.


Hello this is Vlad Zachary, author of The Excellence Habit. To learn more - please visit http://www.vladzachary.com/

Thank you



I am a multi-genre writer with several published books which are available to purchase on Amazon. My work was also featured in anthologies, compilation books, and online magazines. In addition, I wrote a few articles for a local newspaper.
For a complete list of my work, feel free to visit my website: http://author-chantal-bellehumeur.webnode.com/

In addition to writing, I love reading and have done many book reviews.


Hello! My name is Rick Perry and I have recently self-published my first novel, The What If Project. I am interested in connecting with other indie authors and learning more about the process of publicizing and marketing.


Hello. I'm Brian C. Copper and I write erotic fiction that primarily caters to gay men. I recently completed the 3rd book in an on-going series that explores various fetish themes. Several of the characters work in Law Enforcement and have dealings with a central character that runs a BDSM playroom. If you're looking to step outside your comfort zone, you might find the stories an interesting character study.


I was born in Hounslow, Middlesex in the south of England. As a child, I loved drawing and took private art classes with a wonderful teacher called, Pearl Lee. She had an abundance of Disney magazines, and I would paint the characters on wood, card, canvas or anything else I was allowed to use, including walls.
I started writing to give me a reason to draw and that is how Ronaldo came about.
You can find out more here - https://www.ronaldotheflyingreindeer.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MaxineSylvesterAuthor/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/flyingronaldo


My name is Philip Watling and I am dead! It's fine, death wasn't terminal, but it did give me a look at life from a perspective that few get to see. It enabled me to write an book about my life, my death and my resurrection; a true story that is written in such a way that will inspire and bring hope where there is only despair. Flight of a Lifetime can be found on:

Amazon at http://ow.ly/DKc3l
Facebook at http://bit.ly/gZu0T



Glad to meet you all. Here is my Amazon Author page:

If you want more info than that, you can find it at my website:

I look forward to working with all of you. :)


Hi, I'm Carl and my debut novel, a humorous fantasy, was published by Immortal Works in May 2017. I have since completed the next in the series, which is on submission. I also have a short story available free from my website http://www.carlhackman.com which is a backstory piece leading up to Gerald becoming a wizard.

I have a further novel, Jaguar, which is also on submission and am half way through my 4th novel.

I look forward to talking all things writing with the members here :)


I am the author of the John Handful series: A Handful of Secrets (A Short Story Collection), Blind Spot, The Oxmarket Aspal Murder Mystery, Death is for the Dying and now the well received PAIN HAS A PERMANENT ADDRESS. All my thrillers feature the lateral thinking private detective John Handful. I was a former logistics supervisor for a local distribution firm, and I live in Suffolk with his wife, two daughters and two granddaughters.


Hi, I'm an Oklahoma Author/Director/Producer. I have a number of books published, some self and others with different publishers, but mostly self-published. I do my own covers and edit my own books. I'm also the Executive Director of the Stroud Arts Book Festival. If you need help with your book, toss me a line. I'll be glad to help...

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