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Shameless Self-Promotion!
by Webmaster

If you have a book that you want to brag about, a promotion that you've started, or something you want to share to generate interest in your writing or literary business, you can do that here.

Have no fear, and promote yourself here!


Nice to meet you, Isabelle!


Hi. I'm Ken and I write humorous fantasies. Please have a look at my profile page if that's your sort of thing.

I've seen some interesting books posted here... plenty for me to check out.


I just discovered and am thrilled to be here. My goal is to help people understand that giggling is a great way to help heal! I do that through my 5 Star reviewed book MS Madness! It is a fun, lighthearted read that takes a very unfunny topic and makes it hysterical! Please check it out here- MS Madness! is great for whatever ails you!!!


‘After The Evil’ is an extremely well written psychological crime fiction thriller that will not only keep you turning the page, but will lock you into this Jake Roberts series.
Author Cary Allen Stone taps into the criminal mind of his characters with a fresh perspective and clarity of the psychological nuances. His characters are realistic with engaging dialog and the plot is unpredictable with detailed graphic violence that is for mature audiences.
Father Anthony Moralli battles his sexual desires while serving in his parish. “Father Anthony loved the whole religion thing—the ceremonies, hearing confessions, and especially saving lost souls. He planned to start saving his soul right after saving all of the others. After years of religious studies and training, he concluded it was beyond his comprehension to truly understand God, so he simply preached the commandments, and left the rest to God.”
Homicide detective Jake Roberts reports to Dr. Thaddeus Abrams after an on the job shooting incident. Professionals can have issues too as we learn that Dr. Abrams who married into money, secretly wants his wife dead while attempting to help clients in his busy psychiatric practice. Jake wrestles with post-traumatic stress and Dr. Abrams tells him “I can’t erase what happened to you Jake. It will always be in your memory. All I can do is to try and help you find some closure and that’s going to take time.”
Lori Powers is a beautiful, seductive flight attendant who cause men’s heads to turn when she walks into the room. She is a widow and a mother with secret inner demons that drive her to the cemetery where her beloved daughter is buried.
Airline Captain Nick Parker believes his position of authority gives him license over one or more of his flight attendants. In the right circumstances the hunter can become the hunted.
FBI Profiler Mika Scott teams up with Homicide Detective Jake Roberts to solve a crime spree. They look at the statically data surrounding serial killers like Theodore Bundy while Chief of Detectives Ed Fairchild meets with a man that might have some pertinent information.
One of my favorite quotes from the book is “The mind is truly a remarkable creation, the way it operates. What goes on routinely inside of it is nothing less than miraculous. It can add and subtract, multiply and divide, all of what life throws at us. It is responsible for basic functions of the human body and can contemplate abstract concepts. It’s a fascinating thing, the human mind.”
I invite you to read ‘After The Evil’ and don’t take for granted the intensions of those you work, play and live with.
Cold Coffee Press endorses ‘After The Evil’ (A Jake Roberts Novel Book 1) by Cary Allen Stone. This is book one in the Jake Roberts series. Also enjoy Mind Over Murder, After The Goode, After The Kill, and three standalone books titled Mother's Day Magic: With Love – Anthology, Stealing Atlanta: A Cybercrime Thriller and Through A Mother's Eyes: A True Crime Story. We reviewed this book from Kindle/PDF format. The review was completed on May 4, 2016.

Amazon Print Purchase Link

Kindle Purchase Link

Cold Coffee Café

Cold Coffee Press


Through Friday, May 20, you may enjoy a free copy of my short-story, Halfway to an Illusion – Man in the Mirror


I am offering my award-winning novel, Halfway to the Truth free for 2 days only, May 30 and 31. Also, checkout other eco-authors at


Good morning, my name is Mike Lord and for 50 years I have been an adviser on Sustainable Livelihoods for international projects in developing countries funded by organizations like the UNDP, the EU, and many INGOs.
I retired four years ago and started writing novels. No that is not quite true; I started trying to publish the books I had written, and started to write some others.
I liked particularly historical fiction, but based on historical fact. I managed to evade the clutches of a vanity publisher, but found trying to obtain an agent was soul destroying – they didn’t even reply. So I submitted straight to publishers, who did reply although it took them a long time to issue rejection slips.
I then came across Smashwords who explained carefully to me what publishing entailed, and how to do it.
My author page there is
And on Facebook:
and my Amazon author page:
I’d be very happy to meet fellow authors on-line, and discuss mutual publishing and marketing problems.


Just under 600 books were nominated for 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading. Over the course of 6 weeks and over 5,000 votes, readers whittled the list down to their favorite 50. And The Redoubt, Book Four in The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam, was voted number 35.


Opal K. Dante

Author of #TheGameOfSexes. I'm offering you a cheap ticket to sail with me on the VERTIGO, together with Evie, Sebastian and the hermaphrodite Captain Sirocco.
"The Game Of Sexes"is available for $1.18 on Amazon:
You can find me on twitter: Opal K. Dante


I'm running a giveaway on Goodreads for my latest novel, The Moreva of Astoreth, a science fiction romance. It's been compared by reviewers to such luminaries like Andre Norton and Anne McCaffrey, which makes me feel like a million bucks! The giveaway concludes on 8/5/16. Hope you're a winner!


The kindle versions of the first books in each of my three mystery series are 0.99 cents through the end of August. I hope you'll check them out! New subscribers to my website get to choose one of them as a gift for subscribing at

A Dead Husband, Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery #1
Cowabunga Christmas, Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery #1
Murder at Catmmando Mountain, Georgie Shaw Cozy Mystery #1

Cheers! Anna Celeste Burke


Hello authors, check out my book marketing books on Amazon! MY WAY WON, MY WAY TOO and MY WAY FREE - TRENDING ON TWITTER!

MY FREE FREE - TRENDING ON TWITTER can be downloaded for FREE on my website,


WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME based on true events with over 300 x 5* reviews on Amazon will be in all major book shops at the end of September 2016!


To celebrate the upcoming release of my new book, I’ve decided to permanently reduce the price of Beneath the Roses from 1.99 New Price to 0.99 USD.

The price reduction will be reflected in all Amazon markets.

My new book will be available in October. I will post updates as the release date gets nearer.


and readers are saying it is a "well written masterpiece" "A Great Read" "A great piece of work"
Still free to KU members and prime eligible
Makes a great birthday/holiday gift!


The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace is the ground-breaking novel on the near-death experience that unveils the roots to a global spirituality.

A Modern-Day Journey for Peace moves us to consider if the Light of the near-death experience isn’t actually the bedrock of religion and the springboard for a universal connection. This modern-day story melds the varieties of religious experience into a visual whole. The essence of God becomes globally and tangibly defined. This story uncovers our prevailing spiritual unity despite our world’s seemingly different beliefs. Ultimately, there is a powerful spiritual bond we have with one another. Gods and the names for God have changed in every era, yet one dynamic remains constant—the Light.

While many have heard of the Near-Death Experience this book is different as it searches for the common thread between us, in this world. This is not a book on the afterlife or what happens on the other side. Discovering a global context for the Near Death Experience is exciting and being the author I want to spread the word about another way we can view this phenomena.

It's available via my author web page: or on Amazon.


Anyone interested in reviewing this, contact me via message and I can send a copy to you via publisher. Cheers...

The First Edition of Ryan Bartek’s autobiographical memoir “Anticlimax Leviathan” has been released worldwide today, November 15th, 2016.

This 404 page, 6x9 Paperback by Anomie Press is available for $18.95 / €18 through the Ingram Spark/LSI network, available at 55% discount to wholesale retailers. “Anticlimax Leviathan” is now available on the systems of 38,000+ booksellers worldwide, with additional distribution through Amazon USA, EU & UK.

Purchase via Amazon:

Free PDF Book Preview:

Detroit writer/musician R. Bartek – best known for road books “The Big Shiny Prison” & “Fortress Europe”– again returns with his finest offering to date: “Anticlimax Leviathan.”

“Anticlimax Leviathan” is a massive departure from Bartek's previous works & purely autobiographical. Like many of the Great Depression/Beat Generation writers, Bartek uses Anticlimax Leviathan to shine a spotlight on the alienation, confusion & hopelessness that defines modern America.

It is the story of a strange young man reaching adulthood in Detroit. A blue collar worker for the auto industry, our young Anti-Hero has big dreams. Breaking into journalism, he becomes a member of the press, a taxi driver, music promoter & underground filmmaker before hitting the road as a traveling journalist.

Swallowed by traumatic romance, he ends up on the West Coast a haunted drifter. Ending up homeless in Seattle he lustfully embraces it, living out his own bizarre punk rock romance novel in the process.

Along the way he meets a legion of “Street Crazies” whom unite to form a global movement called “Free Therapy.” They build a new world from the
ashes of their lives, all which leads to a massive road saga through America & Europe -- climaxing with the Occupy encampments of 2011.

Brimming with adventures alongside the misfit characters of his earlier writings – as well as cameos by a staggering list of celebrities, metal gods & punk legends – “Anticlimax Leviathan” is the apex of R. Bartek’s canon.

“Anticlimax Leviathan” by Ryan Bartek // Published by Anomie Press
ISBN/SKU: 9780692628430 // ISBN: 978-0-692-62843-0
Pre-Sale Date: 10-31-16 // Sale Date: 11-15-2016
Suggested Retail: $18.95 / €18 / £16

POD through Ingram Spark; 55% wholesale discount to retailers in USA & Europe.

Additional distribution via Amazon // More Info @ www.BigShinyPrison[.]com

Interviews w/ Mr. Bartek available upon request.

P.S. the Feb 14th “release date” listed on Amazon was just the date the ISBN was assigned. This book has not been available until today, 11/15/16.

Anomie PR


My empowering suspense ebook called 'What IF I Go?' is out end of the month.
See publisher Solstice publishing for details or
'Grace Negrescu is a Romanian teenager dreaming of UK streets paved with gold. Zul Moham-mad is the savvy bad-boy from Birmingham who saw her coming. At first, she craves independ-ence. Then money. Then love. What she gets is a rough deal.

While she figures out what she actually needs in an unfamiliar city, she spirals towards abuse. Amidst a cocktail of toxic sweeteners, her instinct is never to give up but a new friend recom-mends that she run. Only her diary knows everything. What if she goes?

Bewildered, she considers the tortuous case presented by Detective Inspector Stretton. By drop-ping superstitions, she could believe in a worker at the Centre called Joe, telling her about deserving justice. Hopefully, she can reclaim her identity and switch to the right path... Until Grace discovers how to trust again, what are the chances?

Despite these complications, all she needs is faith.

A cautionary tale for older teens, parents—anyone who's questioned how innocent students from good families are so easily sucked into the sleazy underworld.'
Please spread the word.


Hi there folks! My name is Terry Tumbler and I want to give you an introductory taster to myself. Here goes:

The esteemed Terry Tumbler
Doth want it known
On this auspicious occasion
He has no cause to moan,
Because an august body,
Of whom you’ll be told,
Has asked him to join it,
Which was rather bold.

For his fame is far flung,
Much like those farmers
Who spread fields with dung.
Tis the odd reviewer
To whom he alludes,
Who covers him in wit.
But does Tumbler yield to it?
Not one tiny bit!

He now feels protected
With the company he’ll keep
In that august body
Whose name he gives thee.
Tis the Literary Net
That has honored him!
He accepts it with vim
And a promise to behave.

No longer will he rave
At those who misbehave!
Follow my blog on


Only a few more hours left to get this Valentine Special, Illusional Reality for only $0.99

Step out of reality and in an illusion with this magical romantic fantasy.

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