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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


Hello. I'm Jed Power, author of the 5 book Dan Marlowe/Hampton Beach, NH crime series and the 2 volume MIke Malloy/Boston-Harvard Square P. I. series. I'm looking for movie interest on both series whether I do the screenplay or not. http://darkjettypublishing.com


None of us can really know us, but as we age we start to develop a good idea. The more difficult question is: Do I have the guts to tell the world about me? At age 73 I decided to write my auto biography From a Dime a Dozen. I did not do it for the money but to convey a message that might be beneficial to society. Perhaps so others after reading it could put their life - at whatever age - into perspective.
So do you want to know who I think I am?
The following is a combination of my narrative mixed with responses from people who read my book.
Steve A. Mizera endured endless hardships and emerges after seventy-two years to share his unique experiences. It is the lesson he learned from these experiences that he wants readers to take away after reading his powerful autobiography: From a Dime a Dozen to Priceless (CreateSpace, Amazon.com).
In his newest writing: How to Abolish Child Sexual Abuse Begin by asking Is that a Sexual Predator hiding behind that badge? he offers answers to the questions Who molests Children, when and where, how and why, and he offers recommendations intended to eliminate child sexual abuse.

Born in 1940 in Cressona, Pennsylvania, the youngest son of a Russian, immigrant coal miner, he was incarcerated in St. Francis Orphan Asylum in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania, at the age of two and for the next decade, suffered mental and physical abuse.

He ran away from sexual abuse at St. Joseph’s House for Homeless and Industrious Boys at 14 to live on the streets of Philadelphia. Having a strong work ethic he is called a Dime a Dozen by a heartless employer. Steve retaliates by stealing $25,000 in tires in 1956 from Gimbels department store.

He fled to Sea Isle City, New Jersey where he taught himself how to repair automatic transmissions. He spent four years in the USAF, sold fruit on the international market for four years, worked as a railroad conductor on Southern Pacific RR and Amtrak for a decade, founded and published a weekly newspaper in a small northern California town for two years while attending law school before going to Alaska to serve in the legislature.

Starting life without bonding and winding through decades of rejection and failed relationships, at forty he committed an unthinkable crime and was sentenced to 20 years in California’s notorious Folsom Prison. Following his release he spent two decades in public service.

Although raised with a bleak view of the world, it is how his life was transformed at the age of sixty when he was informally adopted by loving immigrants who lead him away from a life of crime, and taught him about the love of Jesus Christ, who became his personal Saviour and redeemer..

In 2004 he retired to Christmas Valley, Oregon, a very small town in the high desert east of Crater Lake. In retirement he pursues photography creating vistagraphs (see vistagraphs.net) which are large panoramic scenic views printed on canvas. He adopted the RV life style and lives and travels in a roomy Winnebago.

If you wish to contact Steve, email him at:


I am always interested in connected with fellow writers and the other players such as publishers and agents in this writing game. I'm British living in France. I have three novels and a series of novellas published to date with two more novels coming out in the New Year. And sometimes I read what I have written and correct it. Should read connecting!


Hello everyone,

I am Andrena Sawyer, author of The Long Way Home and The Other Side of Assertiveness. Both are available on Amazon and on my website, www.thelongwayhome2015.com. Happy to be part of this network and looking forward to connecting to others.


Howdy, all!

My name is Allan Batchelder, and I'm the author of the Immortal Treachery series of grimdark fantasy. You'll find great reviews on Kirkus, the Midwest Book Review, and Fantascize. You can view my books directly at:




Hi I am Vijay Kumar Pagadala, I thank the platform, The Literary Net for beautiful site.

I am an author of two two novels and a poetry and self published them. I write, design my Title and Cover. My first book's 'The Colour of Woman' and composed a trailer too.

Second novel's 'Death Command' self designed Title and Cover. A finalist, with silver in 2015 book cover contest, authorsdb.com

Third book's a collection of teenage poetry 'Insides Out.'


Hello everyone! I love it when folks share their nightmares with me. First, I'm not crazy and second, I'm not alone. There is strength in our weirdness. Does that make sense? My books are a bargain whether you want to laugh or scream


I am delighted to be among such talented authors, editors, and publishers here on the Literary Net. I look forward to connecting and checking out what you have to offer. Have a blessed day! ~ Sandra Widner Burch


Hello, I am Renee Cefalu, a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. I recently published “Serenity of the Mind: The Process of Self Mastery” with the goal to empower others.
Glad to join this group!


Hello all! My name is Jason McDonald. I am a writer working on my second children's book and starting my first full length novel. Check out my work on www.jasonamcdonald.com


Welcome to all who have joined The Literary Net since my last post. It's nice seeing such a wide variety of writers from different walks of life, who have an array of different stories to tell. We're happy to have you here!


Hello, everyone. I’m James M. Corkill, a retired Federal Firefighter, mechanical engineer, electronics technician, and inventor. I write as a hobby, and use science fiction as a way to make the advanced technology I invent a reality through my stories.


I'm Keith Guernsey and I am a writer (Http://amzn.com/1503101797) and an actor (Devious Maids).


Hi, I'm a writer of psychological horror and fantasy adventure.My stories are about ordinary, often flawed people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. Desperately, they are searching for meaning and answers. I explore their personal journeys as they attempt to unravel mysteries, expose secrets and ultimately triumph over adversity. The choices they make and the path they follow may lead them towards hope and salvation or the depths of despair.

I have nine books published on Amazon and am currently writing my tenth. I have written, painted and responded to my burning desire to create all my life.

I look forward to sharing ideas and thoughts about writing and publishing with fellow creative-thinkers.



I am a suburban, Chicago writer. I graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s degree in English/Speech Education and from Northern Illinois University with a master’s degree in Curriculum/Supervision and a doctorate degree in School Administration. I have worked in public schools as an English/Speech teacher, a dean of students, a principal, and an assistant superintendent for curriculum/personnel. I edit educational materials and write nonfiction, fiction, and poetry and have published books and numerous articles in various professional journals.

My current book, Snowballs and Sinners: A Young Adult Thriller, is available at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com.


I'm Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, Inspirational Speaker and Author. Long ago, I was told that in order to establish credibility as an author, I needed to write a book. My first attempt was picked up by Sourcebooks to become an International best-seller. I've been hooked on writing ever since. Three books are on the market and my blog is widely read. To learn more, please visit my website is www.smoothsale.net


Well hello all! It's fantastic to be a part of this page and in touch with fellow writer-junkies! My name is Leo Battenhausen and I am a Psychotherapist as well as a writer. I have two books published, Defeating Depression: The Calm & Sense Way to Find Happiness and Satisfaction, and Socialcide: How America is Loving Itself to Death. Number 3 is in the works! Please visit my website at www.LeoBattenhausen.com for more information on me, my books and who I am! Thanks!!


Hello, my name is Rita Monette. I'm the author of two published children's middle grade books, and am working on the third in the series. My website is http://ritamonette.com, my blog is at http://ritamonette.blogspot.com. My books can be found at http://www.amazon.com/Legend-Ghost-Dog-Island/dp/0994749090/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1440004616&sr=1-1&keywords=Rita+Monette

Looking forward to interacting with like-minded authors, sharing ideas, and building relationships.

Currently trying to work my way through the profile process.


Hello. I am JD Lovil, and I have written four Science fiction novels, and several nonfiction books, which are currently published on Amazon and Smashwords. I am working on my fifth novel now.


I'm James. I'm a writer.

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