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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Cat and I write under the nom de plume of C.E. O’Grady. While schooled in sciences (Biology and Chemistry), I could never shake my love of stories and the words at their core. I am the authoress of the novel Soft Inheritance, a genera blended novel of science and historical fiction. I am excited to be part of this community, and can’t wait to converse with you all in the future


Hello! My name is Judith and I'm a newly released Indie author as of September 1, 2016. I'm interested in spiritual journey and I've written two books. The first is titled: The Light: A Modern-Day Journey for Peace. This book is written in novel form and unveils the roots to a global spirituality using the Near-Death Experience as the springboard for spiritual connection. My second book is titled: A Mother Goddess for Our Times: Mary's Appearances at Medjugorje. This book looks at the goddess traditions within the Catholic Church and chronicles my pilgrimages to the town of Medjugorje where 6 children have had apparitions of the Virgin Mary for the past 33 years. My hope is to connect with others interested in these topics.


Hi Everyone,

Just popping by to introduce myself. I live, write and work in the United Kingdom. My books are available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00FU8TQI4

I have published two novels, both, whilst cross-genre, are principally psychological thrillers (Blood Relationships; The Lying Truth).

I have also published a novella, My Dream Mother, a coming of age, fantasy story and a collection of short stories (Flash Fiction), called Flash Fiction 25.

With my best wishes,

Philip A. Oldfield


Hi Everyone,

Just popping by to introduce myself. I live, write and work in the United Kingdom. My books are available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00FU8TQI4

I have published two novels, both, whilst cross-genre, are principally psychological thrillers (Blood Relationships; The Lying Truth).

I have also published a novella, My Dream Mother, a coming of age, fantasy story and a collection of short stories (Flash Fiction), called Flash Fiction 25.

With my best wishes,

Philip A. Oldfield


Hi, all!
My name is Lisa Barry and I write urban fantasy and paranormal fiction. I also LOVE to read the fantasy genre especially if it includes sweet romance. I have one published novel out called 'The Guardians' which is Book 1 in the Gargoyles Den series. Book two is to be published in a couple of months and I have short stories in several anthologies. I love the entire process of writing except maybe the edits and redo's after the editor has gone through it! Looking forward to further checking out this site and hopefully making some friends along the way!
:) Lisa


I am John Rachel and I'm so boring I fall asleep just looking at my own name. Other than writing novels and political rants, I collect string. I have a ball of string over 8 feet in diameter in my garage. Now I have no place to park my 1972 Dodge Dart Charger. The neighbors are complaining that it's an eyesore sitting out front by the curb and there are over a dozen crosses burning on my front lawn as I post this introduction.

Writing has been great therapy. Because I read so much in high school, I became physically very weak and developed a hernia lifting my eyebrows. I am now confined to a hammock in my back yard, which gets rather problematic when it snows. I keep a shotgun by my side to take care of the "crow problem".

My novels are gritty and reality-based. But the reality is entirely manufactured. I have no television, thus have no way of understanding the world. Readers often complain that my novels seem contrived, like having a main character eat toast with marmalade and turning into a nuclear reactor which melts down and becomes an angel which spreads peace across the planet until it is pulled over by a motorcycle cop and beaten into shards of clear noodles which then escape by retreating into the cracks in the pavement. That particular one is a love story, one of my best!

Please visit my author page at Amazon ... http://www.amazon.com/John-Rachel/e/B007V09T36 ... where you will find encrypted messages about how to prevent being infected by the brain-eating viruses the federal government has put into scratch-and-sniff coupons and onto the hand bars of shopping carts.


Hey, all! I am Darrah Whitaker. I've written five screenplays, one which was produced and another optioned. My short stories have been published in the Writers Bloc III, IV, and V anthologies. I am a member of the International Thriller Writers as well as the Henderson Writers Group in Las Vegas, Nevada serving on its Board of Directors. My first novel, My Life as a Sperm, takes on notions of God and destiny in a most unusual way. I live in Las Vegas where, despite the myriad temptations, I still find time to write.


Hello all,

I am V.S.Sury, from India. I am aged 72, worked as an engineer, retired from government service in 2005. Wrote my first novel, Jestus in 2009. The second one, Jestus on Rampage has been recently published by Roman Books. Both books are available at Amazon outlets and other sites. Third book, Fentoscience, is about to be published.
Bachelor, living alone. Interests: reading, writing, yoga, spirituality.


Hello all,

Conceived in South Wales, I am now a bemused, middle-aged man, residing in the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire.

I graduated in Business and Marketing at the University of Central Lancashire, before joining the Civil Service.

Since I was a child my passion to write has always been a part of my personality, but, within the confines of my young macho brain, it also felt like a wicked affliction. Like a bulbous spot on the bridge of one's nose, I desperately tried to conceal it.

Yet, the compulsion to write is not dissimilar to a limp. You try and walk properly, but after a few clumsy strides, one leg reverts to that old peculiar hobble. That’s just the way it is. You have no choice. Like being born male or with sixteen toes and a lisp, no one consults you first: ‘Yes, you have a few anomalies, but I’m sure that you’ll be fine.’

So you accept the peculiar cloak that life has casually flung your way, and then you announce to the world that you have a shameful secret: My name is Martyn Chapman and I write books.


I am writing and have blogs .I write in adventure and fiction. I have blogs these deal with high character, honest, faith and freedom. I write stories, poems in love, history, sacrifice, and believe in God. I write stories and poems. They deal with good characters and honest. The holy thieves is relationship between man and his hope, his need. The holy relationship is only between man and his wife "lovely wife". The good faith is that gaining from inner, from heart with fearing of God. Believe in high power who is the God and responsible for that actions these face the mankind and all creatures makes the man being calm. The believe in high power gets the man looking for justice and try to establish it even he faced others who carries bad souls and thoughts. Establishing of right that beats the devil and bad forces and makes the earth greener. The relation between all nations must depend on justice, sharing the purposes not destroying or damaging weakens. The love of God must overlap any bad or devil's thoughts


I am Ravi Ranjan Goswami from India. I write poems and fiction in Hindi and English.


Hello to all,

I'm adding this just in case anyone does read all sixteen pages. I'm Mari Collier from the high desert of Southern California. It's quirky place filled with artists of all kinds. My novels tend to be Adventure/Science Fiction/Family sagas even when the family is a mix of Earth and other galactic origins. The series consists of seven, starting with Earthbound, Book 1 Chronicles of the Maca. You can look them up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble if you really want to. The anthologies are Twisted Tales. Not quite the Twilight Zone, but they do have a couple of close encounters. Yes, I have a blog on Goodreads and write two columns for the Old Schoolhouse Journal. Write on!


Hello, I am Harel Lawrence, I am currently a substitute teacher. I have published three books and my recent book I published it my self. you can find me on Amazon at:https://www.amazon.com/Harel-R.-Lawrence/e/B003N5BAK8/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my books.


Hello to all the members. I'm a writer and enjoy reading as well. I write historical western romances and contemporary/suspense/paranormal romances. I write my historical westerns under the name of Judy Baker and my contemporary books are under my alternate ego, Anna Sugg. I love the ocean, coffee, tea, and warm sunshine.


Hello, my name is Theresa Jacobs and I began writing seriously last year, I have self-published 2 Kids picture books, one Horror anthology, one horror Novella, a book of Poetry and am Currently writing a Biography and working on a Sci-Fi novel. I am looking to connect with writers and readers of course.


Hi, Literary World!

I'm Denise Turney, author of six published novels. I'm working to finish my sixth novel by the end of the year. Then, starts the rounds of editing. I have been an avid book reader since I was a kid. Some of my book titles are Love Pour Over Me, Spiral, Long Walk Up and Portia. I also host the radio show, Off The Shelf, at Blog Talk Radio.


Hello! I'm Ben Graham. I'm a writer & publisher of "Ending in Angels". My book can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Ending-Angels-Ben-Graham/dp/143032581X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1439254732&sr=1-1&keywords=ending+in+angels .

I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan & attended the Residential College at the University of Michigan, where I received the James H. Robertson Award for Outstanding Achievements in Drama. I was also awarded the National Arthritis Foundation’s Hero Overcoming Arthritis Award. I currently lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan, where I'm completing a Master’s degree in school counseling at Eastern Michigan University.


Hello! I am Madame Butterfli, author of the Poetry for the Soul series and an aspiring songwriter.


I am Dee Dee M. Scott, the author of-Sent From Heaven Series. Please check out my ebooks at:
God bless!


Hi my name is Clarissa Brenan I am a writer and the author of Night Wind and Three Moons which is available on Amazon and Kindle.

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