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Welcome to The Literary Net
by Webmaster

We are pleased that you have joined TheLiteraryNet.com. Before you get started chatting away, please introduce yourself and state your role or interest in the literary world.


Rick Friedberg, award-winning writer/director/producer of movies, tv and tv commercials. I have written a "how to"non fiction book, entitled Hollywood War Stories: How to survive in the trenches filled with personal anecdotes of tips and triques to survive in the entertainment business.


HI my name is Bill Miller and I wrote a book. Bill Miller is a veteran filmmaker whose work has received critical acclaim throughout his career. Bill is an artist and a craftsman having a style and visual approach that has won acclaim throughout his career. His productions are noted for their visual excitement, emotional warmth, technical expertise and outstanding photography. He feels at home whether behind a 35-mm theatrical camera, a 16-mm documentary lens or an HD digital video cameras which are so popular these days.

His latest film, Cowboy Spirit, has received critical acclaim and can be rented on Amazon.

I am also an avid equestrian and Heroes and Hounds is about a heart-warming tale about a young girl, a young hound and guardian angel.


Hi, I'm Linda Watkins, author of the Mateguas Island Series (Mateguas Island, Return to Mateguas Island, Ghosts of Mateguas, and Secrets, A Story of Love and Betrayal).


Greetings to the Literary Board of The Literary Net. Author of 12 novels and an anthology of short stories, I am always looking for places where authors and readers congregate, someplace to hangout when I should be working on my next mystery. You can easily find out more about me at http://www.desertbookshelf.com/.

It's all just one big, fine adventure, don't you think?


Dennis Meredith brings to his novels an expertise in science from his career as a science communicator at some of the country's leading research universities, including MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Duke and the University of Wisconsin.He has well over a thousand news releases and articles on science and engineering, as well as numerous articles and guidebooks on science writing and science communication. He is author of the leading book on science communication, "Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work" (Oxford 2010).He was a creator and developer of EurekAlert!, working with The American Association for the Advancement of Science to establish this international research news service, which now links more than 4,500 journalists to news from 800 subscribing research institutions.In 2007, he was elected as a AAAS Fellow "for exemplary leadership in university communications, and for important contributions to the theory and practice of research communication." In 2012 he was named the year's Honorary Member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.He holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Texas (1968) and an M.S. in biochemistry and science writing from the University of Wisconsin (1970).He is currently writing science articles, non-fiction books and science fiction novels. He also develops and conducts communication workshops for researchers seeking to enhance their communication skills, both professional and lay-level. He has developed workshops for researchers at universities, research foundations, and government agencies and laboratories.


Hi, I'm Esmeralda, and I've self published 3 children's books; written and illustrated each. My books are all available on Amazon in print and ebook format. One of my books has reached top seller on Amazon several times - "Catch the Cat". These books play with words, within words. I came up with the concept as I thought my young son, who had learning difficulties, to read. It became so much fun to find the hidden words and make a cute rhyme out of them. For example, did you know there is "ice in the rice?" without ice you can't have rice! Or that there is 'ink in the sink?'?

I also wrote Lily's Magic Light, a children's book that is both spiritual and conveys an important environmental story.

I love to draw and come up with stories. I have travelled worldwide and love to see children smile when stories make sense to them.

I'm honoured to be a part of this network and to be in the company of such amazing and creative authors.


Greetings from the desert near Palm Springs, CA. It's hot, hot, hot our here and will stay that way for another month! After 30 years driving for work in the snowy Midwest, I'm happy to call the desert my home--heat and all! I write three mystery series--more on the cozy end of the spectrum, although the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series is the least "cozy" and deals with adult themes and a lot of women's issues. Three books, A Dead Husband, A Dead Sister, and A Dead Daughter are available in that series as well as Love a Foot Above the Ground, a prequel featuring one of my favorite characters, Bernadette. We should all have a Bernadette in our lives.

That series is set out here, drawing on familiar locations to those who have visited the Coachella Valley. I live about 3 miles from the annual Coachella Music Festival, in Indio, the City of Festivals. Jessica does venture outside the valley to Beverly Hills, Malibu, and other haute hangouts for the rich and famous. Her specialty, as a member of the one percent, is tracking down well-heeled heels, or as she calls them: "la creme de la crud."

I write two other series that feature cozy mystery novellas rather than full-length novels like the Jessica Huntington series. The Corsario Cove Cozy Mystery series is set in a fictitious cove on California's Central Coast. Kim & Brien are 20-something newlyweds, characters that originated in the Jessica Huntington series who now have a "most excellent adventure" series of their own. Surf's up, Baby! Cowabunga Christmas & Gnarly New Year are the first two humorous cozy mysteries in this series and come with a big dose of humor. My third series features Georgie Shaw. She lives in Orange County, CA--the OC--and works for the cat at Marvelous Marley World. Marvelous Marley World is an entertainment empire built on the success of a famous cartoon cat. This series is, in part, an homage to my own stint working at the mouse factory as we referred to Walt Disney World.

Okay so more than enough in the way of a hello from me...I am so glad to be on board. Cheers! Anna Celeste Burke


Hello, I'm Ros Gilmour, pen name RMGilmour, author of The Colony, and the soon to be released sequel The Last City. A multi-dimensional SciFi-Romance, the story of Lydia and Jordan, and the sacrifices each make to survive in a world controlled by AI.

You can find me on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/jb23huj.

As well as my website: https://Rmgilmour.wix.com/rmgilmour where you can read the first five chapters free, along with a short story and a character interview.

I am happy to have found a place where I can be amongst other writers.


I write what I know. I grew up in the South. Therefore I write about the South. And though I write fiction, my stories are true reflections of my experiences and the people I have known. Writing southern fiction without denying the truth requires care, inasmuch as it can easily offend those we love. Southern writers seldom cross that line with cheap exhibitionism, while mimics from other parts of the country do so regularly. When I laugh and cry, it is not at or about my fellow southerners, but with them.

I served as a paratrooper in the military, and although I am not a combat veteran, I know the Vietnam era and have many personal friends who served in that war. After jump school at Fort Benning I was separated from most of my classmates and friends who went either to the 173rd Airborne Brigade or the 101st Airborne in the Republic of Vietnam while I was ordered to the 82nd Airborne at Fort Bragg. It was one of the greatest disappointments of my life, and despite later assurances from those friends who said my assignment was a tremendous stroke of good fortune, to this day I regret missing that experience.

Upon their return, many of my buddies rejoined me at Fort Bragg. While I had gone through extensive and continuous training on every weapons system, sniper, recon, and much more, they had stared the beast in the eye for a year. Most of them could talk openly with me about their experiences (usually after a few glasses of bourbon), but none would speak about them to anyone outside the military. And when I offered to write their stories as actual nonfiction accounts, each one to a man refused. They did so for two reasons: one was that they did not want to relive those horrific experiences. The second was that they were humble heroes, who had left behind some of our buddies in those mountainous jungles. In other words, I never fully understood their reasoning, but they felt unqualified to speak for those we lost.

With these men in mind, as well as all veterans who have given of themselves for their country, I attempt to produce the best Vietnam War Stories possible. And as with my southern fiction, when I write Vietnam War fiction, it is with the knowledge that I am telling the stories of these men with an unvarnished truth that reflects their experiences. They deserve that.


Writers Digest Self-Published Award

The Gomorrah Principle, by Rick DeStefanis is a riveting tale written with the skill and precision. In this genre blend, DeStefanis proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the literary world. The plot is well crafted, and the pacing is spot-on. Once people read it, I think word of mouth will make DeStefanis a must-read for anyone who enjoys recent history, war stories, mysteries, and romance.
—Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards

The Gomorrah Principle is the winner of the prestigious Readers’ Favorite 2014 Silver Medal Award for military fiction. The Gomorrah Principle works…I know it’s something I’ll remember.
—Samantha Rivera for Readers’ Favorite
Connect with Rick at:www.rickdestefanis.com


Hello. I am Vanessa A. Ryan, an actor and mystery author in Southern California. My latest novel is A Palette for Murder. It's found on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Palette-Murder-Lana-Davis-Mystery/dp/1432830414?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc and on Barnes & Noble at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-palette-for-murder-vanessa-a-ryan/1120061622?ean=9781432830410.
Please check out my website at http://vanessaaryan.com to see what else I have published.


Hello! I'm Kate Robinson, Chief Wordwhacker at Starstone Lit Services and Tootie-Do Press.

I'm also a conventionally-published and an indie author. I self-published my metaphysical sci-fi novel, Heart of Desire: 11.11.11 Redux in 2014. My imprint became Tootie-Do Press when I published author friend Joe DiBuduos's paranormal romance - Cryonic Man: A Paranormal Affair (2015).

Small indie presses have all the same problems and concerns that self-published authors have!

So I wish each of you the highest and best in all your literary endeavors.

Kate and Miss Tootie
Tootie-Do Press, Los Angeles


Hello--I am a freelance writer/editor with experience in public and private sector communications, marketing, public relations, script writing, video editing, and web content & design. I also teach writing and literary analysis at LSUe.

I hold a master's degree in British and American literature from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, summa cum laude, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Marketing /Writing issued by Syracuse University/Utica College, summa cum laude, and an associate's degree from Mohawk Valley Community College, also summa cum laude. I also studied Photography and Silver Smithing at the Munson Williams Proctor Institute School of Art.

While in Louisiana researching locations for a novel, Behind Lace Curtains, I fell under the spell of Cajun Country; so, without a second thought, I bailed out of New York and relocated to Louisiana. I began working as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant. For two years I was the feature writer for Acadiana Woman, a regional magazine that highlighted issues important to the women of Acadiana. Along with Jacqui Ceballos Michot, I was one of the founding members of the Acadiana Women's Political Caucus, a branch of the National Women's Political Caucus. In Louisiana, my favorite commercial work was focused on script writing and editing for an award winning, Louisiana video production company.

I have published two digital/print novels with Amazon.com: Behind Lace Curtains, a supernatural tale of secular spiritual transformation, and Library Angel, a serial killer mystery with a twist. I have another mid-way. All three novels take place in Louisiana.

When not writing or teaching, I concentrate on my ongoing study of Uranian Astrology and continue to explore the mystery and magic of Cajun Country, a place like no other.



I'm Niki Smart, author of the memoir "Hell Camp". I sub-titled it: "How to Chew on a Crazy Childhood and Avoid Choking" - that way it's clear what the book is about from the get go (I hope:)
I will post more info about Hell Camp on my profile - thank you so much.


I turned to writing two years ago when I was forced into early retirement without any source of income and no chance of ever being employed again. Being a writer was my goal as a teenager, but I was too afraid of the uncertainty involved. Now, I have gained a lot of experience and experiences to add to being a polymath with wide-ranging interests.
I look forward to sharing with and learning from others


Hi all,

My name is Vincent Morrone. I'm the author of Just Breathe, a New Adult romance book, The Vision series, a ya paranormal series and Torn Away, an adult suspense which won 1st place in the Saratoga Great Beginnings contest! I've got many more books coming soon, including one up for presale called The Red Strokes, part of an the Hotel Paranormal Anthology series.

I was published through a small press for a time, but now all my books a self published. My debut novel Vision of Shadows is also available as an audio book.

I love to chat and can be found on Twitter (@Vince524) and Facebook. (Vincent Morrone author)

Hope to make friends and talk to you all soon!


Hi, I'm Mark Lukens - author of Ancient Enemy, Sightings, and several other books; you can find them on Amazon. You can also find me on FB at Mark Lukens Books, on Twitter @marklukensbooks, and on my blog at www.marklukensbooks.wordpress.com
Happy to be here!


Ha! My cynicism rears its ugly head doing these things. Does anyone (other than the person posting it) actually read these intros? Ah well, nuff said.

I'm not here to be "popular" or "clever." I'm here to find about your members, what is interesting to them, discover what makes them tick, what is working and what isn't, and hopefully discover new works that inspire improvement in my work.

Here's to ya!


Hi, my name is Maureen Fisher. I live in Ottawa, Canada and when I'm not traveling (and even when I am), I write sassy romance with smokin’ hot heroes, kick-ass heroines, humor, mystery, and always an animal or two. Did I mention smokin' hot heroes? I have three books available on Amazon, and am busy working on my next.
You can find me on my website/blog at booksbymaureen.com
I would love you to friend me on Twitter https://twitter.com/AuthorMaureen and like me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MaureenFisherAuthor

I'm looking forward to making new friends and reconnecting with folk I already know.


I have been actively involved in the game industry for the past 35+ years. Earlier in my career I worked for some of the top game developers of their day – MicroProse, Cinemaware, Virgin Games, and Park Place Productions. In 1993, I founded Magnin & Associates and have focused on handheld games ever since, first as a Nintendo Authorized Game Boy and then DS developer, and more recently specializing in iPhone and iPad titles. Since I enjoy mentoring young people considering a career in the game industry, I decided to write a book about what it takes to make an indie game, which is now available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.



I'm an Independent Sci-Fi author and technical writer from Seattle. I have two novels published and am working on my third.


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