Marketing self-published books to bookstores

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Marketing self-published books to bookstores
by Author4444

My book is self-published and the main street bookstores won't carry my book because it is against their policy. The small bookstores won't carry it because they can't return the unsold books. Any suggestions here?


Hi, one bookstore owner was very snooty about my books because she had been left with a pile of books from a previous author that she couldn’t sell. I took 6 books into another book shop and said I would leave them with them to sell and they take 30% commission. The only problem is they take ages to pay up but at least it’s good marketing. The other problem is that my books are overpriced on Amazon so I’m working on that with perhaps a different publishing company- so I had to reduce cost of book. Still some profit but not much! If anyone has any good ideas or other experiences would be great to hear about.


Inviting all to my online bookstore

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