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Bad Publishers
by debtad

I have recently had a publisher that suddenly closed up. The web page is wiped out. The scuttlebutt indicates that they were being dishonest and aggressive to their employees and to their authors. This is disheartening, especially after I've put my heart and sole into the book they published. To distance myself form this publisher, I have changed the title of the book and the cover. And published it myself.


This website was created because of the skepticism many writers have towards publishers. We welcome all who can find this website useful, but is primarily designed for self-publishers like yourself.

Although it may be harder for you to promote you books by yourself, this is a tool where you can promote your books without worrying about being taken advantage of by publishers. You can gain as much from this website as you put into it, all that we offer is FREE.

We wish you well. Good luck!


Anyone out there, never go with Austin Macauley publishers, London the contract is a pure work of fiction, they tell lies and never promote your book in any way, sad to say i paid them 6.000 dollar's for the Privilege of being ripped off in a big way you have been warned

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