Kindle Scout experiences, anyone?

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Kindle Scout experiences, anyone?
by authorkcfinn

Hi all! I'm currently in the middle of a campaign on Kindle Scout to (hopefully) get a new novel published, and I wondered if anyone else was doing a KS campaign or thinking about doing one? If you want to see what I'm talking about, check out my campaign here, and if you happen to have an Amazon account, it's totally free to nominate my book. I could use your support, and will return if of course, if you're doing a campaign too!


Greetings, KC,

I see that you did in fact get selected for Kindle Scout and was published in March. Congratulations. How did you find the experience? I am currently 19 days into my campaign, and go from optimistic to frustrated on a daily basis. I've watched books that I thought were a shoe-in not get selected and I wonder if how much it was to do with the Genre. You run a wide gambit which I'm sure makes you very marketable. My mystery/P.I., maybe not so demanding. Anyway, I hope you've gotten some great sales.

My Driven by Death on KS...


I submitted a book and was not impressed, but that may be because my submission was rejected. However, I am glad that it happened because I lost out to a rival whose work I innocently nominated and found to be remarkably similar in content to my own. I have good reason to believe he had been helping himself to my ideas, as the boss of the review company I had used for all my prior books. He was already with Scout, which itself plays all manner of tricks to suppress bad reviews and treats books it hands out for review as 'Verified Purchases' when in fact they are provided for free. The thought of handing manuscripts to Scout for 5 years or so is not a good idea, if you have faith in yourself. My advice is stick with KDP, purely because your 'Scout' can be dismissive without ever being helpful or communicative. I feel my book was never read.

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