Hi, glad to be here.

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Hi, glad to be here.
by pswinn

Just wanted to say it's nice to find a place to put the books. My biggest problem is promotion. With 31 books to tweet about on twitter or put on my Facebook page it takes up a lot of time. I could spend this time writing another 31 books. Anyone had any luck with promotion that doesn't cost anything, who can afford to pay for promotion? As an indie I only sell around 30 books a month. Love to hear from you.


I have tried a bit of everything. I think the cross promotion in your book back-matter, building your twitter and facebook base with targeted readers and writers, helping other writers where reasonable, and using proven retweeters and occasional bloggers is the best you can do.

The most important thing is to write more books. That builds readers over time. Using a different pen-name for each genre probably useful as well, so as not to confuse the readers as to what you write.

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