Sussing out this Literary connections thing

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Sussing out this Literary connections thing
by jdlovil

I have actually managed to garner a few connections on my account by hook and by crook. Now I need to figure out how to use this. There does not seem to be a connect here now button, or any directions on actually how to connect with my growing group of fellow connectees.
I have heard folklore about the fabled Webmaster, whom I surmise is a genie with magical wisdom and powers. I seek to find the correct lamp to rub, to summon the genie, and find the answers I seek.
I will also accept any helpful advice that other entities care to share on the use and feeding of the connection link.
Comments, anyone?


To your benefit, none of the people you submitted connection requests to have rejected you. People will come as they come, and decide to embrace you accordingly.

You can see the activities of those with whom you connect in the lower right corner of the Main page. Additionally, you can send them direct messages by visiting their profile and sending them a message, or find new people to connect with. New members are joining regularly, so that expands the pool of people you can connect with.

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