Overcoming Writer's Block

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Overcoming Writer's Block
by AmandaKimberley

Some authors say that there is no such thing as writer's block if you have a well-planned outline. I am not so sure that I agree with this for a couple of reasons. One, I have sometimes found that certain characters decide to take the story to a new dimension. I've had this happen several times in a series I am currently writing. And I think the character had better ideas than I originally thought.

Another reason for writer's block can be from things happening in your life. This past year has been harder than most to write because I lost two family members. I did manage to push through and I did write some. I think my pushing had more to do with determination rather than creativity, but I did write none the less.

What are some of your coping skills you have learned when coming up against writer's block?


Over planning is a Perfectionist's disease. Nothing will ever be perfect, but you have to start somewhere. When I was a child, my father would spend more time planning a project than doing it. Think about it. How much will more planning help you put up a better fence?
If you feel a block, it is time to blank your mind and just start writing. Anything will do. It will be from that subconscious part of your mind that comes up with those new ideas.
It may not be book worthy stuff, but I guarantee that you will find bits that you can add into your outline that will get you going again.


You bring up a very good point, JD and it's one that I have often turned to when faced with a block.


Amanda, keep crying and keep writing. Let it go where it will and one day the real story will pop up. Shapeshift to avoid depression. Play with perceptions; if to you it is not real then it is not. The drama in our lives becomes he spirit in our work. Go girl. Be tall.


I am just coming out of a period of almost terminal writers block though I think it was more a case of losing the joy of writing.


I like to participate in National Novel Writing Month. That creates a deadline and while it is self-imposed, it leaves no room for writers block. I have to write and make my word count for the day or I'll fall too far behind and never be able to catch up.


I don't let it bother me. Though I'll admit it sometimes takes a while, I just go on about my life and then inspiration hits. And I'm back to writing again.

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