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Just saying G'day

Thanks for inviting me to join this illustrious group. I look forward to making new friends and sharing ideas, etc with y'all.


You're welcome. We are very grateful that you joined, and are happy to have you here.


You have that Southern Thing going on, so I reckon I should just say "Welcome Home". I have some Arkansas history, and I use my half possum, half crazy heritage to keep my writing interesting. Connect with me, and let me know where you are in your writing career.


G'day jdlovil,
In actual fact I'm originally from Down Under — Sydney, Australia to be more precise. Any 'Southern Thing' creeping into my lingo is purely happenstance and due to those friends I mix with. My apologies. NOT!! :)


Hi Kokoda,
Great to see another Aussie here! I'm in Melbourne, and our 'Southern Thing' is far further south than theirs :-)

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