Mental Illness

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Mental Illness
by baronkatz

My name is Linda Baron Katz and the author of two books. One is titled Surviving Mental Illness, My Story - a memoir of the heartbreaks and challenges I have faced growing up with bipolar disorder and details the journey that I took to reach recovery. The other book, a children's book, I co-authored with my husband, Charles Katz, is titled Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children's Story. It is a story about two adults who struggle with mental illness and get better through medication and necessary support by family and friends. It is a great book for parents to read to their children because there are so many children that don't understand the meaning of mental illness and that recovery is possible. I strongly urge for you to purchase both of these books as they are ideal for anyone who has a loved one suffering from mental illness.


Creating understanding of mental illness is something there needs to be more of. Many people don't understand it, and dismiss those who are suffering from it as weak, crazy, etc. That can cause people to worsen to the point that it becomes disruptive to the lives of others, when if properly treated it can be dealt it. Many societal problems would diminish if more funding and resources were directed to treating and properly addressing mental illness.


Linda, I grew up with a relative who was mentally ill. I grew up feeling ashamed and afraid of her whenever she visited and often I was compared to her because we are a lot alike. Mental illness was something I feared I would become if I became a writer (that is what I was told continuously). Yet I continued to write and learned it isn't to be feared, not really. I think it is wonderful you and your husband are writing children's books to explain mental illness. I hope you are also finding speaking engagements so you can reach more people and even talk in schools or other places where it is relevant. Best of luck.

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