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Finding Beta Readers
by srcoady

I think many of us that self publish face the same issues, finding BETA readers that are trustworthy, honest and reliable is something that I find hard to do. I have a few people who will read for me but at this point only two that will read and critique my story for me. I'm not sure if some people understand the importance for an author to have people who will do this. I am very lucky to have found one who is not afraid to let me know if I have a hole in my storyline or a chapter that just turns her off but I think it is important to have a more than one or two. How have you managed to build your trusted BETA readers?


I have not found a single committed Beta reader, and I am not sure just where the beta reader's job (time frame) starts and stops, but I do feel the need for some.
Most of the time, even with a completed book, the people you know that ask for a copy never read it. I think that we can only ask for critical assistance from fellow Authors.
What about this? If we had a group of thirty or so Authors, all of which would Beta read, and possibly contribute other editorial assistance, wouldn't that help us all create better books? Just saying, I will if you will.


That may be a good idea but i think you would have to find authors who have the time and enjoy the genre you are writing. I think it would be hard to BETA read a genre that you don't find interesting and critique it. I have a few author friends that I BETA read for and they do the same for me but we write and read the same genre of books. It would be great if we could have BETA readers dedicated to the writing we do. That is a great idea!


True, but I suspect that writers can be more flexible readers than you are giving them credit for. Do you know of any forums where interested writers might be solicited for such a task. I would assume that it would be a mutual process, and we all know the uncertainty of publishing unvetted work. I read 100 plus books a year anyway. Why not do some good with the reading?


I'm in if anyone needs a BETA reader, doesn't matter the genre. I write horror/thrillers, but I don't have anything in the works right now, and have a hard time finding BETAs when I am in need. I've used Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts on my website, but normally only have a few who send feedback.

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