Positive belief in the midst of a bad situation

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Positive belief in the midst of a bad situation
by crenshawh

Have you ever wondered what it take to truly overcome a bad situation. It is one thing to think positive, but it is truly something different to actual feel positive (if that make since). In the midst of many bad situations, we often reflect on why we are experiencing this feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. These are some of the insights that I share in my book, Blowing Sandstorm. Here are some of the reviews excerpts below:

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Experiencing a "bad" situation is relative. No matter how bad you have it there are many who have it worse and they generally have a positive attitude. For example, you are not blind, so anyone without sight is in a bad situation, but they find a way to overcome it. When I find myself in such a situation, I reming myself how blessed I am and that so many others really have it worse than I.


As long as we focus on our 'punishment and reward' motif in life, we find that our lives yo-yo between our desires and our fears. Far better to tweak the expectations that we have in life, by changing our beliefs, and working toward our positive expectation just like you would work toward any goa.

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