Long Distance Relationships

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Long Distance Relationships
by Shampa

How does a long distance relationship surface? Is it a need, a necessity or just a time pass for two people who have nothing better to do? Can it ever transform into a life long bonding or is it doomed to failure one way or the other? I find this topic interesting and have explored it in my book titled Soulmates Never Part.


That's an interesting idea. I think the survival of a long distance relationship depends on the people involved, and what they are looking for. As with any relationship, the parties will meet with success if they are willing to work hard to maintain it. Your book sounds like an interesting read.


Seems it is like an online dating service. Persons only put their best foot forward. It has a chance if people do not lie and let a little of the negative out. None of us is perfect. I once thought I was, but I was wrong.

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