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Unexpected Friends

by on August 16, 2018

When you open a page on social media if your like me you have one page for just family and close friends and you have a page that you market your self and your books on. What I didn't expect is how y ... more

Discovering Aslan

by on August 05, 2018

This Blog links to the main Blog for Discovering Aslan: High King above all Kings in Narnia - a devotional commentary on the role of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis. Find the hidden Sto ... more

Writing and Reading

by on August 01, 2018

I love both. As a reader I am in thrall to a book where the characters are so well drawn that I need to follow their story to the end page. I know, by page 40, if I am going to continue reading. As ... more

Sino Ortho Different Kinds Of Braces

by on July 18, 2018

In the world of orthodontics, there are so many types of braces that they use to ensure that you can have a perfect smile. Well, you have to thank them for that because they are experts when it comes ... more

Premium Quality Shower Heads from Oxygenics Canada to Make Bathrooms Look Stylish

by on July 17, 2018

Nothing is more relaxing than a cool shower after a hard tiring day at work. In order to fulfill this need of their customers, Oxygenics Canada Inc. is now providing quality shower heads at the most c ... more

Why I write

by on July 14, 2018

Hello here is the reason I write, when I was age 9, I spent some time in an Orphanage with my brother who was 6, after we left some years later the pair of us were traumatised somewhat, it lasted me n ... more

A Muse’s Thoughts

by on July 09, 2018

”So how do you know you’re an author?” The question has been asked many times. “In my soul.” Is always my answer. But no one has yet asked “When did you know you were an author?” ... more


by on March 22, 2018

I am proud to announce the new version of SpiceTheWorld cookbook. A great collection of spicy recipes for everyone. Get your printed or ebook version now and enjoy some great recipes folks. ... more

A simple thank you

by on July 04, 2018

How often do you say thank you? Does it have to be forced out of you or it comes out naturally? Do you feel obligated or you feel joyful when saying thanks? The other day I was reminded to say than ... more

My Book, Cherished Encouner

by on June 29, 2018

The life of medicine is one of satisfaction when you watch a person improve for the better. In all walks of life, situations can excel by looking forward to the future instead of crying over the past. ... more

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