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A single sentence

by on February 04, 2017

Like a word, a single sentence can make or break a book. Books come in all forms; fiction, non-fiction, entertainment, information, third person omniscient, first person narrative, but the structure i ... more

A Word

by on February 03, 2017

Most of the questions I’m personally asked are about specific details regarding the editing process of a novel or story during or after the writing process. Today, I will cover the word. A sin ... more

When I started writing

by on February 01, 2017

I had dabbled in writing off and on after I turned fifty but it wasn't until I was in my sixties when I started to put my heart and soul into learning to write. When I started to take courses I also t ... more


by on January 30, 2017

CIRCLE OF BOOKS INTERVIEW WITH KOOS VERKAIK: When did you start writing, what moved you to start writing? I started writing at the age of seven. First drawings of animals with a little text, later ... more

5 Things I Learned from Doing a TEDx Talk

by on January 28, 2017

Last year I did a TEDx talk. Being selected to do one was easy. On January 5th, I wrote on my bucket list that I wanted to do a TEDx talk. Near the end of that same month I got an unsolicited email as ... more

Your Money and the Church

by on January 28, 2017

My second book, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway was written so that I could leave a record of my biblical discovery about tithing. When I first started studying the subject tithing and t ... more

Just another lonely cliff plunge

by on January 22, 2017

The BBC recently serialised NW by the very talented Sadie Smith, and I was interested to read that she can’t bear to keep copies of some of her books in her house. Hallelujah! Sadie and I have s ... more

New Adult 'What If I Go?'

by on January 17, 2017

My debut novel is out with Solstice Publishing now.see Blurb- Grace Negrescu is a Rom ... more

CASTAWAY-Five Steps To Move Toward Your Dream.

by on January 15, 2017

10 Key Elements to a Heartfelt Romance | By Dee Dee M.Scott I write in many genres, but I have to say, other than writing thriller/horror my other favorite genre to write is Romance. I was a r ... more

Just Do It

by on January 04, 2017

So your friends all have e-readers——either a Kindle, Nook, tablet, iPad, what have you——but you can’t imagine reading without the feel of a hard cover or dog-eared paperback in your hands. L ... more

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