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by on August 16, 2017

This poem is a tribute to a calico cat one of my daughters had for a long time. She was one of many cats that have come and gone over the years. Each one in his or her's way has touched a space in o ... more

The 100th Meridian Murders (A CJ Hand Novel Book 5) by C. G. Haberman

by on August 10, 2017

After proving his reputation as the top sharpshooter in the world, Ivan Talcott settles in China. Here, he plans to achieve his goal of becoming a multimillionaire by the age of forty. Suddenly, and w ... more

Goodbye, My Love (Roxanne's Ghost Saga Book 1) - by Maggie Tideswell

by on August 03, 2017

Goodbye, My Love (Roxanne's Ghost Saga Book 1) - by Maggie Tideswell A love that cannot be denied ~ and a love that cannot be. Who will win? It’s only a matter of time. Jessica James needs a n ... more

Hold On: Season 1 (Action Thriller) by Peter Darley

by on July 27, 2017

Amazon # 1 Best Selling Trilogy Corporate secretary, Belinda Reese, finds herself trapped in an inferno when her office building is attacked by apparent terrorists. However, she is rescued by myste ... more

Another Fun Night With the Guild

by on July 24, 2017

As a newbie author, I recently realized how important—and fun!—it was to be a member of the Knoxville Writers Guild and the guild’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writers’ Group. I can’t believe how much I ... more

Put an OOPART in Your Next Sci-Fi Plot

by on July 23, 2017

Do you know what an OOPART is? Is it some unmentionable alien genitalia ("eew-parts!")? Maybe shorthand for the part that a tuba plays in Bavarian music (oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah)? No. OOPART is a ... more

Military Law Enforcement for Crime Writers

by on July 23, 2017

Over the past year, I've assisted four fellow authors with questions about U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement operations. I helped them as best as I could, drawing on my 13 years of active and reserve e ... more

The True Facts Behind the Plot of The Butcher's Bill

by on July 23, 2017

My latest mystery thriller, The Butcher's Bill, will be published June 30. Though a work of fiction, the plot of The Butcher's Bill, like most of my books, is firmly rooted in facts. A sequel to my f ... more


by on July 19, 2017 ... more

Sonya's Home is Available for Download

by on July 17, 2017

Hello all! I made it. Sonya's Home is now available to download from the Members Only page at If you are already a member, just go to the website, click on the Saloon in th ... more

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