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Posted by jdlovil
This is a review of Dhungwana 2117: A captivating sci-fi novel: The Dhungwana Chronicles (2117-3451) Part 1.

This is an interesting mix of science fiction, social commentary, and what I like to call Harbinger Fiction. Harbinger Fiction is the sort of fiction that loves to scream of things to come, regardless of other genre evoking elements.

I am not a traditional writer, or reader. I do not really care if a comma is occasionally missing, or if a participle dangles at either end of a sentence. If I can read it, and enjoy it, it is doing its job. This book was highly readable, and I did not notice as many grammar issues as sometimes crop up in traditionally published books, so the book was good on that score.

The story takes place in 2117. Our protagonist couple is leading an idyllic life in what seems to be a utopian society on the last bit of un-submerged land on Earth.

Our couple soon discovers that the world they live in was designed to control them, and now it seeks to change them into something other than human. It is changing all their neighbors, friends, and coworkers. It is now concentrating on changing them.

I saw elements of 1984, and a hint of 'Invasion of the Pod People' in this book. This book reads like a science fiction book. The characters and dialogue are fleshed out just enough to carry the story toward the conceptual ends that the Authors want the Reader to reach. This is a standard science fiction technique, so that the facts are not obscured by the storyline. If you enjoy science fiction, you are familiar with this, and will enjoy this story.

This was an entertaining and enjoyable read. I highly recommend it for sci-fi and other nerdy types, and it is a good afternoon read for bright readers everywhere. I think you will enjoy the sharp left turn the story takes at the end, and this is from me, the King of Left Turns.


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