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by JD Lovil

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Posted by jdlovil
Once you have published your eBook on Amazon, and maybe on Smashwords (for multiple platforms), you have probably created a print format of your work, and now have it published in paperback form on Createspace, right?

Don't stop there. There are a lot of Listeners out there these days. A Lot of people who will not buy your print or digital book would be happy to buy and listen to it in audio format.

You probably already know about this channel, but if you missed it, you can publish the audiobook on Audible.com easily. Just go to https://www.acx.com and sign up. You can find a narrator/producer, pay them or do a 50/50 royalty share deal, and get it produced. It will show up on Audible, and on your Amazon sales page as well.

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