Do You Entertain Clients?

by Elinor Stutz

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Posted by EStutz

Attract the Right Job or Clientele: Do You Entertain Clients?

The above headline has two meanings included. It could refer to treating your clientele or Managers to a meal or having an entertaining personality. Yes, in the past, I actually took a couple of Sales Managers to lunch to remain in their good graces. This topic came to mind as we were painfully watching a so-called entertainer due to the suggestion of friends.

Authenticity incorporated into sales produces a returning and referring clientele

My Story

The entertainer was a Neil Diamond wanna-be. He cleverly named his show similar to “Neil Gem”. The venue had a warm ambiance and couples were invited to dance as Neil began to sing.

There was a beautiful guitar hanging on the wall. I was looking forward to hearing the sound come from it. But when Neil began to play, I was appalled. While his fingers were going up and down the neck, the music didn’t match the intended sound. Focusing more closely, I noticed the strings weren’t vibrating either.

We began to question the validity of the show. The conversation then turned to a discussion concerning the infamous Milli Vanilli act of long ago. This was a sad ending to an evening out, and even sadder for the wannabe singer.

Recognized Lessons:

-Always showcase your authenticity

-Authenticity builds your personal brand

-Your personal brand transforms into your branding / marketing program

-Branding done well produces larger audiences

-A larger audience will produce greater sales

Traditional Entertaining

Dependent upon the size of your company or the one for which you work, budgets may be set aside to entertain your top tier clientele. This may be in the form of:

-Bringing in coffee and muffins for an in-office meeting

-Treating your client to lunch

-Meeting on a golf course

-Transportation to and from a tradshow with a meal on the premises

All of the above are appreciated by faithful clients and the good faith is shown in return with further business. This assumes punctual delivery takes place on what is promised.

Comedic Entertainment

On occasion I had the pleasure of meeting other salespeople who could have had their own show on Comedy Central. They were hysterical when given the floor and all eyes and ears were on them to savor more of their wit.

While this is initially a great talent to embrace, the comedian-businessperson should monitor verbiage used and keep credibility in check. All of the goodwill and the comedic talent cannot compensate for a breech of trust.

In the end, it is the credibility and trust that will win the initial sale while authenticity and integrity will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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