What is cervical orthodontic headgear?

by Sino Ortho

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Posted by sinoortho
Now a days orthodontic headgear is most normally used to the treatment of a large number of serious illnesses and injuries.Especially harness orthodontics is often used by young adults with the purpose of fixing jaw problems. The main tasks had presented this useful device include improving the person's jaw to grow in the right way and to keep it protected from possible unnecessary conditions and more serious problems in the future. In addition, it orthodontic headgear is sometimes used by adults for the treatment of certain conditions.

What is headgear in orthodontics:

A similar device is the high traction harness, which also has a connection cable to the teeth, and a strap that goes behind and above the head. These types of headdresses are typically used to correct excessive overjet in children, because it limits the growth of the upper jaw.

How it work:

There are two ways that harness orthodontic works. The first is that it can actually pull teeth from front to back if worn 18 hours or more. The second is the most common application. If used during the patient's sleep (ie, 8 hours at night), the harness can have an effect on the growth of orthodontics. Think of it as putting a brake on the growth of the upper jaw, while the child continues to grow. If worn and patients grows, you can correct the malocclusion.

If a large space between the teeth is closing, for example, the posterior teeth might be pulled forward as the front teeth are pulled back; this could lead to problems of misalignment and bites. In other cases, the front teeth may need to be pulled forward instead of backward. Posterior teeth can not help here; This is a job for headdresses.

Some types of headgear have a strap that goes behind the head or neck; whole head is used as an anchor. Other types, called "reverse flip" touched, have a strap that comes over chin or forehead; they can pull teeth forward. The helmet can even influence proper growth of facial structures - that is why it is usually seen in preteens, whose growth is not yet complete.

What is the benefits?

High traction harness is a type of orthodontic braces used to correct alignment problems of the jaw. If your orthodontist has planned for high-traction headgear, it is usually to correct the alignment when the upper jaw is too far forward, the lower jaw is too far back, or there is a combination of the two conditions.

Harness high traction can also help control your orthodontist the growth pattern of the jaws, in order to help create a final facial profile is more pleasing to the eye, with the ideal jaw, teeth and balancing lips .

A high-traction headgear theory is its ability to prevent vertical growth, unwanted jaws in patients with good compliance. If your orthodontist recommends high-traction headgear, time is critical as is the cooperation of his son with instructions for use.

Patients who are candidates for high-traction headgear should see an orthodontist in order to plan treatment at the right time in the growth stage of the patient.

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