by Sean Kerr

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Posted by SeanKerr69
Do you like a good thriller? I always thought of this as a cross between Dan Brown and The Omen!! I love conspiracies, and I love religious legends, and this supernatural thriller combines them both.

Horror is a funny thing. Everyone is scared by different things. For me it’s weird noises, those unsettling sounds that accompany darkness. It’s the uncertainty that you may be in the presence of something terrible, that its fingers are reaching out towards you and there is nothing you can do. So I wrote this supernatural thriller from that perspective. Something terrible, nameless, violent but with a purpose. This is a double edged story with multiple layers, and there is a terrible sadness encased within these pages that is as horrific and frightening as the big bad. Bullying is something that so many of us have experienced, and I used my nightmares of my time in school to drive this story forward for poor Samuel. I hope you will give this book a go as I am very proud of this story. Who knows, maybe one day I can get it in the hands of a TV company...we can all dream!

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