Last Time I Checked

by J.S. Danielle

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Posted by JSDaniMine
Last Time I Checked

Last time I checked, this world was integrated, as in mixed, blended, cohabited and racially diversified. Colored were free to do as they please, just like whites,

jaywalk across streets, purchased toy-replicated guns in any WalMart and

stand outside of a store minding…what business is it of yours if I stand? Loitering? I don't see any signs...No, wait, leaning against the building, illegally distributing? “I'm not doing nothing, Officer”…I learned too soon, being subdued for my location…brought down to my knees, cutting short my aspiration – I. Can't. Breathe.

I created a little ruckus, yea, I was a bit of a thug, but I'm not target practice, punching bag or your stepped on rug. Should've been arrested for what I've done.

Gun me down in the street? Not far from where my family sees? FOUR hours faced down, my life draining outta me…for hours my hands up, palms down, I bleed…needlessly.

Last time I checked, colored were free to come and go as they please, walk sidewalks with Arizona tea and Skittles candy. Some saggy pants, not attractively, wearing a hoodie. It's my fashion statement! Gone awry is YOUR understanding not mine, but my freedom to be. ME, whatever shade descriptively - I'm Black…beautifully.

Last time I checked, colored was a racist term, along with many others – meant to describe my state – my colored state, at this rate I'll always be black. Standing in he store, trying to figure if I need more, confirming with my girl the right toy. Seen me running wild and mad? Acting like I'm bad? Waving this toy gun, still in the box, the wrapper untouched? I am my brothers: you know the men dead in the street, on the sidewalks, in stores and WalMart floors with their hands up, frustrated brows, confused by what's happening now – wondering ‘what did I do?’ to deserve the bullet in me…you sent through?

Last time I checked, my kind demonstrated and dedicated to the building up of society, through centuries and decades participating in the growth of their surroundings…their fellow man, doing whatever they can; helping blind men see, straightening kinky hair, train to station communication and pacemaker/guided missile electronic inventions.

Last time I checked my people were Kings and Queens removed from their thrones, in distant Kingdoms where their palaces were their homes. From fertile lands, by firm harsh hands to a country unknown and enslaved…not our own – through years of struggle we continue to fight through bondage to become what God knew was right: inventors and scientists, doctors and millionaires, entertainers and athletes, orators and engineers - our people cover the same spectrum inhabited by the other, perpetuating our rage, continuing to throw shade. These are the horrific works of man, I rebuke you Satan!

Last time I checked His Sun was our light, He made it to shine bright. Our spotlight, His light, my stage – were showing them what great things He made.

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