International Connecting Travelers

by Boris Millan

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Posted by bosblueguy
As I talk in my book The Common Sense of flying, this is a subject many do not know. Today coming from Mexico City, while passing Customs ready to leave home, I was witnessing a group of passengers coming from Jamaica, trying to connect to their city. TSA was not letting them pass with all their Duty Free. Around 5 bottles of rum they carried all the way from Jamaica, and now TSA was taking it from them. Many people don't know when you travel from outside the US and you are connecting, you have to do Customs in the first Port of Entry (US only), then recheck your luggage and do TSA again. Guess what. A bottle of rum has more than the 3.4oz yo can pass. Yes, they will take it from you. In my book I give all travelers little tricks so you can enjoy that rum at home with no problems at all. Yes, there is a solution.

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