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I have started a serial called CALIGULA BLUSH which is a dystopian science fiction. You can follow three stories of survival under control of repressive states.

The line surrogate is a father. Every day he goes to work trying to keep the promise made to his dying wife to give their daughter a better life. So he waits in lines for others with an optimism that is a light to others in a dark world.

A pretty girl in easy circumstances has always known the life of service from her luxury floor above the clouds. She feels rich as the owner of an actual printed book and a nearly empty glass vial of perfume, both gifts from male visitors. She has never left her apartment or questioned the nature of servicing the men who arrive. She only asks if they have met The Men Who Run the World.

He cherished the boyhood memories with his grandfather of working on the last car ever made in production. This inheritance later in life continued as a hobby to keep and care for even after the independence of driving oneself got outlawed and replaced by automated vehicles. The day these A.I. self-driving cars were weaponized by terrorists killing billions and dividing society was the day the Delta Drive vowed to make one last trip across America. He would find The Men Who Run the World and kill them in revenge for his wife who died that day.

Who are The Men Who Run the World? Why did technology fail us? Is there any hope in humanity? This series explores the questions faced to survive in a rough world alone while trying to be better.

I hope you will enjoy and follow in the coming weeks and months at CALIGULA BLUSH

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