Colloquy in Dissertation -

by Jnaha Jnaha

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Jake exhibited a record of prompt gregariousness and sufficient due arrogance in an effort to ensure that his team was clear of his role in their employment.

In addition to that, his way of relating to the team was as obtuse as an oddly shaped Dorito dipped in hot fish grease. His way of getting under the skin of even the sunniest of personalities was an art he seemed to master with guile proficiency. There was an unspoken demand that his team demonstrate a stance of successful production, exercising excellent management practices. Exceptions to these requirements were identified in his own representation of leadership. To add insult to injury, he was inexperienced in the field of the departments he managed, to the point that you couldn’t ask him anything because Jake’s favorite line was, “Well I’m new so…” These blurred lines secured his limitations, quota and employment, hence disguising his inadequacies.

The Executive who’d exalted Jake, should’ve reviewed Jake’s knowledge base and leadership strength prior to determining that he was best fit to manage an entire line of business, to include documentation, funding, insurance and collateral.

Because of his difficulty in perfecting his craft, the company as a whole failed to advance financially to meet that of their competitor. As an abundance of lack of due diligence, Jake’s pitfalls became the windfall of another employee.

Prophesi bided her time, patiently observing her surroundings while planning her escape. The revolving, non-evolving dynamics of the workplace were analyzed throughout the basis of her employment.

Her assignments were checked daily, in addition to the required second review. If Prophesi had made the same mistake twice, verbal coaching was executed and held over her head until further notice. It should be noted, obtaining effective training within her position had been a challenge to begin with, which reflected in translation upon implementation. The seasoned team members were not required to step in to assist. Both Reign and Penelope would become involved only upon detection of a defect or coaching opportunity, though Prophesi would swear it leaned more on the wings of chastisement.

The idea of fair exchange in reciprocity was an exception to the rule and strongly discouraged because of the lack of self-reflection and accountability of the seniors. Revolving sarcasm and duplicity were only permitted out of the mouths of employees with 10 years tenure or better. If a newly hired associate attempted to dish that which they were served, their every effort was then made to diminish their character and work ethic until their spiritual health deteriorated.

Each new hire was doled a quarterly verbal review where the manager would critique their performance based upon their historical ability to swallow deficiency juxtaposed with productivity. The manager would perform a stress test calculating defects, production, and implementation. If you passed the test, you were rewarded with a good review, if not you were inundated with coaching opportunities.

Prophesi had left an unscrupulous company to accept a position with her new employer, and after just 5 months of employment, she endured all she could possibly tolerate at the hands of her manager, and the two seniors within the documentation department.

One week to the day of her 5 month anniversary she exchanged words with her manager of which the entire Servicing Center bared witness to. Knowing that one of the only two seasoned employees on the team was out on vacation all week and the latest new hire had only been with the company all of eight business days, Jake slivered over to the documentation queue, vexed at the stack of loan files piled up on the file cabinet.

“What have you learned so far London?” Jake had no qualms about applying pressure to the new guy.

“Well just the basics, I guess. I learned how to document a consumer loan, how to process a few maintenance requests, as well as how to document a few commercial modifications.”

“Would it be fair to have you document an Agricultural loan?” As Jake asks this questions, he’s staring a Prophesi, who did her best to keep her cool. It went without saying that he expected her to train London as she’d trained him on everything else.

Prophesi had other plans. She didn’t like the idea that she was the one held accountable for training London to begin with as she was just as new to the company as he was, even if she had him by a few months. She’d been placed on a 6 – 12 month learning curve. And when she stated as much to Jake, he became unhinged.

“Who asked you? You’re not the only one on a learning curve. Do your eyes work? Can’t you see that Reign is training me, just like you’re training London? It’s a part of your job!”

Fully grasping the spirit of Jake’s tone and demeanor, Prophesi treated the confrontation with as much finesse as her inner patience could muster.

While sustaining a calm, cool tone, she responded, “I was just making a statement, that’s all.” You could hear a pin drop for as quiet as the center had become.

“I don’t care. It was unnecessary!” Jake had turned beet red in the face, leaning closer and closer into invading Prophesi’s personal space.

All she wanted to do was de-escalate the issue, so she calmly stated, “I understand”. She then locked her computer, stood up and excused herself from the conversation, taking the opportunity to gather some fresh air just outside the office. High stress confrontation had a history of causing repetitive anger issues to rise up and prevail within her. She’d barely just learned how not to take any of it personally and she slightly empathized with the situation that Jake was in, being a new guy himself. Allowing the situation to roll off her back, she re-entered the building and got back to work. For now….

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