Discovering Aslan

by Geoffrey Waugh

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Posted by GeoffWaugh
This Blog links to the main Blog for Discovering Aslan: High King above all Kings in Narnia - a devotional commentary on the role of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis. Find the hidden Story within the stories of Aslan in Narnia.


He is the High King above all kings, the King of kings and Lord of lords.

He is the son of the Great Emperor beyond the sea, beyond the world. He spoke and sang before the creation of the world and brought the world into being.

He commands legions of creatures and people in many worlds. Some creatures loyal to him may seem strange to us, and many of them fly. They worship him and serve him wholeheartedly.

His word is always true. You can depend on him totally. He never lies.

He appears unexpectedly and makes things right. He gave his life to conquer evil and ransom the guilty rebel. He rose again by dawn and appeared first to loving, caring young women.

He has enemies in this world and in other worlds but he defeated them and they are doomed. They tremble at the sound of his name.

All who trust in him are forgiven and set free. He breathes life into hearts of stone. His breath gives life.

He reveals himself to all who choose to follow and obey him, and the more they know him the more they love him. The more you know him the bigger he becomes to you. He loves with unending love.

He chose Peter to lead under his authority and to reign with his royal family. They failed him at times, as we all do, but he always sets things right when anyone asks for his help, trusts him and follows him.

He has all authority in this world and in other worlds. Multitudes love and serve him now and forever. You can talk to him now and always.

He is the subject of this book and many other books. He calls you to respond to him, to believe in him, to love him and to live for him.

He is the Lion of Judah.

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