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In the world of orthodontics, there are so many types of braces that they use to ensure that you can have a perfect smile. Well, you have to thank them for that because they are experts when it comes to making you smile without any "clumsiness" that you see on your face. Now, you may wonder what type of braces you may have used and also think about how some have a couple of different devices, while yours is also different. Take note, there are different types of devices that orthodontic products use to correct malocclusions of their patients and provide certain information; Here are the different types of keys. Keep reading.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic self-ligating brackets are lighter and even more expensive. However, these are not as visible as metallic reinforcements. But, once again, it is more fragile compared to the types of metal.

Lingual Braces

This type of Lingual Series brackets is usually "invisible" to the naked eye, since it is attached to the back of the teeth. Yes, it is quite hidden and, nevertheless, it is quite effective to straighten the teeth. However, it is more expensive than metal reinforcements.

Damon Braces

The Damon brakes are like the traditional metal keys, but there is a difference as they do not need ligatures to place the bracket in its position. There is a locking mechanism when it comes to this type of brace.

Metal Braces

This is one of the most common types of orthotics that dentists often use. It is durable and it is also cheap. The ligatures or elastic bands in different colors are used to place the metallic reinforcements. Take note, a bonding material is used to join the reinforcements in your teeth.

These are some of the types of orthotics that can be placed on patients. Keep in mind that there are actually two types of braces and these are the removable and permanent ones that can not be removed until the teeth have been straightened.

Now, regarding the cost of quick keys, it will depend on the type of brace you want to use for your teeth. So, if you want the type of metal, you would spend less compared to the lingual brackets. To learn more about orthodontic products, the types of braces you want to place on your teeth, see an appointment with your orthodontist now and have a beautiful smile!

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