Why I write

by Terence Goodchild

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Posted by tezman
Hello here is the reason I write, when I was age 9, I spent some time in an Orphanage with my brother who was 6, after we left some years later the pair of us were traumatised somewhat, it lasted me nearly all my life until one day after seeing a therapist I began to write poems, it reached nearly 100, then I had a dream about a farm near where we lived in the UK where we would play as children and I wrote DAM HEARD FARM, then is snowballed from then on, when I got to my 17th novel I was told it was my vehicle for my trauma and everyone of the books is different as I don’t have any Genre, as they are part of my psyche, I also have another six in stages that I have to finished, so you see through adversity a positive outcome can be achieved, and if they sell is a bonus

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