A simple thank you

by Achieng Ogolla

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Posted by yachieng
How often do you say thank you? Does it have to be forced out of you or it comes out naturally? Do you feel obligated or you feel joyful when saying thanks?

The other day I was reminded to say thank you by a bus conductor as I was alighting. Though he said it in jest, I took it as serious as they come. Normally I made it my habit to say thank you to the conductors. So this particular day, I was exhausted and just wanted to get home. My whole focus was how fast I could get some rest. Just as I stepped off, he questioned " how come no one is appreciating? " His words touched my soul.

I always say thanks. Yet here I was minding my own comfort forgetting g that he is also human and his feelings matter. I was so engrossed in my own discomfort and fatigue not to see his emotions laid plain. This reminded me of a time that a simple thank you to a different conductor changed both our lives. I said thank you to one of them and his reply was " you have just lifted my spirit because I was feeling depressed." That made me realise the power of these words.

Thank you. A simple word yet the hardest to say. Growing up, I was taught of "magic words". Words that you had to say to get your way. Words like thank you, sorry and please. They were what got you your wants. Lately however, this words have become scarce. Sometimes they have to be forced out of someone losing their sincerity and meaning. When did we get so wrong and difficult.

The world is changing and with the change comes a shift in culture. What used to be abominations now are the norms and simple cutesy have been thrown out the door. We live in times of when demand surpass logic and morals. We have transformed into "self centred" monsters. Never having empathy or sympathy. Our hearts turned into stone cold ice sculptures. We laugh at the miseries of others and scoff at their pains. Our joy derived from seeing others suffer not minding how it impacts us.

How often do we ignore the services we are provided for? How often do we take cleaners, touts, cashiers or even the shopkeepers for granted? We ignore what we are given as we have become oblivious to them.

A simple thank you may help to turn someone's mood from gloomy to bright. It is a means to positivity. It creates motivation among workers and production is increased. There is something that happens when you notice your work being appreciated. You become activated. You have new desires. This is true for the opposite.

It has been proven that companies that show gratitude to their employees however small it is have the highest productivity. Everyone loves being appreciated. When you put in hard work and all that is noticed is the small accidental mistakes, your morale is killed. However when someone notices the hard work you have been doing, you wouldn't mind being put on the defensive once in a while.

Nothing bad goes unnoticed while most good things slip by without notice.

This is the weakness most humans have. We are quick to see the bad and not the good. We criticize mostly without empathy. We lack sympathy. We are so stuck in our "perfection" yet our perfection is flawed.

How many time have we judged without cause? How many times have we played the prosecutor, the jury and judge? How many times have we sentenced without a trial?

No one is perfect but we can try and be our best. When you are about to do something to another person put yourself in their shoes. Just the way you like being appreciated, so do those who do the "bad" jobs.

Remember no man is an island. We all need each other to survive.

So today as you go about. Change someone's life.

A simple thank you goes along way

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